Tuesday (Spot Training and Running) Wednesday ( Let the MUSIC move ya)

Tuesday~  Cardio Sculpt was at 4:15.  I was more of a drill Sergent today.  There was a request of heavy on the arms (triceps specifically ) and inner thighs.  So, I did as I was asked.  ** Side note:  “spot training” does not do the job.  I think most of us know that.  I think some of us just like to feel the burn on certain muscle groups every now and then.  The best way to tackle fat loss is:

1.  Eating a balanced diet. 2.  Cardio exercise.  3.  Strength training.**

Back to regularly scheduled programming…..

We hit the triceps hard while incorporating push up variations as well as targeted triceps exercises ( triceps ext, dips etc.)  The inner thigh is the other one we hit hard.  Plie squats along with plie squat jumps, inner thigh squeezes with an exercise ball and weight less exercise that sneak up on ya and kind of smack you in the face.  🙂  All of these things along with shoulders, biceps, plyometrics as well as running the stairs made for a pretty good workout.

jump and then land softly...repeat!

Plie squat ( wide stance, toes turned out)

Dive bomber push up

After class I headed to E. Grand Rapids to run.  Ugh.  I had to be kindly talked into running today.  I knew I needed to. The weather was too nice to not to.  I told myself ( and Andi!) that I was for sure taking it easy ( so I am not sure why she thought a 1/2 marathon pace was easy…just sayin’)  😉 I only ran 4.40 miles, but I am glad I did some running.  We also took one barefoot lap around the track again.  It hurt a bit less, but that track is much softer when you have shoes on, that’s for sure!

I have been calling the doctor’s office for 2 days now with no answer.  Not even an answering machine!  How annoying is that?? ( very).    I will try again later today- it might be lunch time, but if I can’t get through I will think of something else.


Yesterday I attempted to make mini popcorn balls for Amara’s birthday treat in school.  Well, I failed miserably.  Those things would not stick together!!!  So naturally, Matt tried later ( Amara was not about to let her friends down..)  He was close to failure until I ( Go me!) advised him to wet his hands with water and taaa daaaa –they stuck together!  Whew.  Drizzled chocolate and sprinkles were added and they looked pretty good.  I would show a picture, but I did not take one.  Oops.

Wednesday~  Spin at 10 am.  Today we did another interval.  This time the intervals were 11 minutes long.  The interval was performed 3 times total.  There was a 2 minute recovery between them.  It was tough, but I wanted it to be!  Race Day is next week so, I wanted this to be intense as well, but with recoveries.

PiYo was at 11.  It was the same class as last week.  I like that.  It was still hard, but at least I knew what was coming and expected of me.  It was a killer, but I knocked out my core and flexibility training for the week.  The one thing that was different this week was the music selection.  I loved it!  It took me back to my youth!  There was some Fugees (Lauren Hill) this took me back to high school.  There was some Marvin Gaye, that took me back to my very young years.  My dad used to blast his favorite music on the weekends after tipping a few cold ones back!  There was a Michael Jackson song called Butterflies too.  I was surprised to hear some Fiona Apple in there.  The song is called Shadow Boxer and I still remembered all the words somehow.  Lots of variety in this class today! I think there was something for everyone, but somehow the whole playlist was my style.  So anyway, I love how music can really make the class fly by.  I think that is why I ( and others) enjoy spinning so much.  The right music as well as the wrong music can make the class.

On tap for Thursday:  Weight training and some kind of cardio.

Does music move you when you exercise?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday (Spot Training and Running) Wednesday ( Let the MUSIC move ya)

  1. The music is what motivates me or calms me…totally important to what classes that people like…I had a hard time with my balance today in PiYo… and was extremely hot… and no energy in JB spin to the point i got off my bike and started chomping downa protein bar while on the bike…shoulda ate it in between classes but forgot…then my friend and i were gonna try run 4mile.. and got to 2 1/2 and puckered out and walked the rest.. she usually run 5 and did not have it eoither.. not sure what the prob was.. lack of sleep and nutrion… some day i want to do your spin.. then Piyo.. then JBs spin and then run 4mile… i need to get ready for the Holland 100 bike race and the lake Macatawa duathalon…help!!! 🙂 *Edit to add: ooop
    s.. forgot to use spell check!! sorry! haha!

    • That was a full day Carla! Definitely sounds like a fueling issue. Good to see in you PiYo too…..keep coming if you can, it will pay off! 🙂
      Who needs spell check?!?!? 😉

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