Polar Vortex makes people __________.

Disclaimer:  If you are easily offended by poor grammar and swearing – stay away.  You have been warned……

This Polar Vortex is the pits.  Yes, I know.  It’s Michigan- blah,blah blah.  Seriously though…enough already, we get it.  It’s frickin’ cold.  It’s colder than cold.  Noted.  Stop it.  It’s making my friends ( not me, just them) really bitchy too.  I just had a conversation about this today with a bitchy good friend of mine.  She is reading this.  I think she might laugh…..

Mary and I, being bitchy.

Mary and I, being bitchy.


I don’t think she’s a B. It’s the weather making  us her behave in such a way though.  I might have agreed that I have been a bit crabbier myself.  😉

I heard that February won’t be much better either.  😦    So I have that to look forward to.  Awesome.  Ok, enough of that.  The last time I wrote I was super motivated to run!  Yea!  Nope.  Am I allowed to blame it on the weather??  I’ll do what I want and blame it on mostly the weather.  I still have not run outside since the marathon. What in the world?  And I call myself a runner?!?!  The treadmill has been my BFF this year.  I keep meaning to run outside, but then I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I am lucky if I get 18 miles in a week. (P.S.- I got in 18.5 last week, with 12 of them on Saturday…) And that’s about 18.5 more miles than I got in the previous week– ooops!  So that is my confession.  I’m not running enough.  I have given a good effort this week.  Only Monday’s plan to run fell through ( Polar Vortex: see above).  School was cancelled so I had to sacrifice running and turn the TV on care for my kids.  They were just as bummed about this as I was.  This brings me to Tuesday.  I was TOTALLY ready for my treadmill run.  The kids were out of school – AGAIN, but I decided to drag them to the gym anyway.  That’s right.  I’m the boss.  Good thing I never made it out of my driveway. ( Polar Vortex: see above).  I got stuck.  Like, stuck stuck.  I was eventually unstuck ( thanks, Matt) I won’t mention that he got stuck trying to get me unstuck either.  By then my motivation to run was gone. I was hungry.  Kids were hungry and the Fit Zone at the YMCA did not reopen until 4pm.  Damn you polar vortex ( notice I did not capitalize it this time?  I’m super mad at it.)

Wednesday (today), I taught  2 classes.  Cardio Sculpt at 6am ( Tabata intervals- they were hard and made me  bitchy happy)  and Spin at 10am ( endurance + intervals).  There was no need to run today because I did too much enough as it is.  I ran today!  It was a good one too.  It was only 5 miles, but it was a quality 5 mile interval run.  Today was apparently Interval Wednesday.  I’ll take it.  Thursday was to be either a planned rest day or a 6 mile easy run day.  Tuesday became my unplanned off day, so I need to figure out something for Thursday.  Number one: Don’t get stuck in the driveway.  Number one (tie): Amara and Miles have school.  Number two: Don’t let your friends act like bitches.

I hope everyone had a great January.  Man, time is FLYING!!!!

Today’s song choice is Killing in the Name – By: Rage Against the Machine.  This song made my marathon playlist 3 times.  Sometimes you just need some (more) anger to get ya through those miles.  I guess I should have played it 2 more times, huh?  🙂  I played it twice today during my intervals.  I hope I wasn’t singing too loudly or I might lose my job. Lots of F bombs dropped today.  Yesterday too.  FUN!   Boom.



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