Happy Birthday!

You won’t officially be 7 until 1:33 pm today ( I had all of these special posts go “live” at 1:33 all week-long!)


I can’t wait to see what your 7th year has in store for you ( or you for it, for that matter).  I can guess that you will only get smarter, more compassionate, loving and beautiful.  I am lucky and honored that you picked me to be your mom.  I was honestly hoping you were going to be a boy! We did not know your gender until you were born.  I remember calling your grand dad and asking him what would I do if you were in fact a girl.  You should have heard him laugh!   I was sure I had no clue about how to raise girls.  I shunned pink until I saw how cute you looked in all the fun girl clothes!  You are just about the opposite of who I was at your age.  You are all girl with a hint of tomboy sprinkled in.  Never stop being YOU.  Happy Birthday Amara Haven! I can’t wait to see what great things you will accomplish in your 7th year!

Amara Haven


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