Time to taper…..

I guess things worked out for the best.  Remember my last post about my worst plan ever?  Well, sometimes I like to exaggerate.  Sometimes things just happen for a reason.  Right?  This weekend I ran 22.2 miles.  Yes, I added the .2 so I could be just that closer to 26.2.  Makes sense to me.  I didn’t feel rushed to get to the kid’s soccer game on time (kids be crampin my stlye…both kids won. Amara scored 1 again, Miles scored 4).  Obviously I was still late, but the first game was at 11 and not 9 am.  Huge difference.  🙂


I won’t give the play by-play this time, but if you want to see how I did – take a peek.  I will just say that my pace was 8:42 with my last mile being a 7:50.  I totally raced this chick behind me.  She made me run fast.  After I beat her (ha ha) we talked and thanked each other for the challenge.  That’s why running is so cool!  Two strangers running 20+ miles for fun.  Secretly racing each other and then hugging it out at the end.  Who does that?  I do!  🙂  It was a really great run.   I really can’t even complain about it.  The weather was awesome.  My running buddies were awesome.  I fueled every 5 miles and that seemed to work really well.  My hands were frozen (duh), and I asked a fellow runner to help me open my Sport Beans and she tried, but her hands were frozen too!  I’m NOT weird!  We were both dripping with sweat because it was hot out, but our hands were freezing. Good thing her boyfriend was there to help.  He had warm hands apparently.  What a weirdo.  22.2 done!  I am feeling good about the marathon.  That is all I will say about that!  Now it’s time to taper.  Some people freak out about the taper, but I embrace it!  I only have to run 14 on Saturday!  Woohoo!


Song of the day:  Supersoaker by Kings of Leon.  Big fan of Kings of Leon.  This is a song from their new CD.   I just like it.  I can play the whole CD without skipping any tracks due to unsavory language.   If any cuss words escape, Amara covers her ears and looks worried and Miles just looks at me and shrugs to let me know he skipped singing the naughty word.  What kiss ups!  😉


2 thoughts on “Time to taper…..

  1. Wow! You are running amazing times and this is not even your race! I see a PR in your near future 🙂 Glad to see things are going so well for you!

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