***Week Recap***

I pretty much skipped the recap and set- up last week.  It was a busy week.  I think I adhered to the plan though.    😉

March 3-8 for the recap:


I got in most of the miles I planned for the week even though they were not all on the planned days. In the great scheme of things, that really doesn’t matter. I still got the miles in.  Whew.  That was close.

BnB day8-14

It’s week 2 of Burpees and Butts.  If you’re actually participating ( like you said you would– just sayin’ )- let me know.  🙂

I was able to get in all of the burpees and squat jumps last week.  It’s getting more difficult though.  I will hold off today ( Saturday) since i just ran 16 miles.  Running outside is hard.  When your used to the soft and cushiony treadmill.  My running buddy and I figured it was time to get out in the elements since our first race of the season is in 5 weeks.  The weather might actually be nice.  Hahaha!  I know. That was a joke.  It was about 30* when we started this morning, but I am sure it cold colder as the minutes went by.  Booo!  And the wind picked up a bit. Awesome.  But, those are real race conditions.  Running inside with the heat on is not even close to race conditions.  Duh.  I cannot wait for spring.  Or at least 50* consistent weather. Is that too much to ask?  I think not.  I’m usually right.  Ask anyone.

Sunday Set up

Sunday- off

Monday- 6 miles or something else.  Spin instruction

Tuesday- run 800 m repeats – lift if I have time.

Wednesday- spin instruction – lift if I didn’t on Tuesday or yoga

Thursday- run 8 miles

Friday- 45-60 minutes of cardio intervals and lift weights.

Saturday- Irish Jig 5k OR run up to 14 miles.

I am getting back in the habit of getting up between 4-5 am again.  It’s not easy, but on the days I work at Gazelle Sports I have to.  I need to get my workout in before the day gets going.  Working out after work/school is usually not ideal. nor an option.  Dang kids keep crampin’ my style!    😉      I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bad news.  Amara did not get into Girls on the Run this year.  Boooo!  But, you have to make lemonade out of lemons right???  So, both kids are running track this year.  I like that idea.  Amara is a bit timid about it.  She thinks she’s not fast.  As if.       🙂      They will have a lot of fun ( I think/hope).  It’s great prep for soccer as well.  Let the fun begin!

I hope your first week of Spring is going well.

Don’t forget to set your clocks up on Sunday!

Do your kids participate in sports?

What sports did you participate in when you were younger?

Song of the week:  Original Don  By: Major Lazer

I played it in Spin class.  It worked.  Don’t worry.   I also played it in Cardio Sculpt during out Metabolic Finisher.  The class had to perform 10 reps of each: Jumping Jacks, shoulder press, high knees and piston rows for the duration of the song.  It was a killer.  The class did really well.  I think it was because of this song.  Obviously.       🙂


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