Worst.Plan. EVER.

Saturday was to be my big 22 mile run.  I think I got in almost 9 miles.  The first part of the week went fairly well.  I had the usual packed week of teaching classes and fitting in my shorter runs:

Monday- Spin

Tuesday- 6 miles

Wednesday- Cardio Sculpt and Spin

Thursday- 7 miles

Friday- slept in.   🙂

So I knew in order to get all 22 miles in I had to get on the road by 5:30 am.  Unfortunately, I had to do the first hour and 30 minutes alone.  It’s dark at 5:30 am.  Very dark.  But I talked myself into getting up at 4:15 am to prep for the long ass run.  I was totally ready too.  I opened the back slider and took one look out into the duper dark back door and closed it. Ummm, it’s too dark, yo.   I then sat on the couch and pouted thought about the meaning of life for an hour before heading out to meet Mary.  We ran just about 9 miles before I had to take off.  The reason I had to be done by 8:30 am was to see Amara score her very first goal in her soccer match!  I am so glad I was there in time to witness the big kick.( I missed the first 10 minutes or so).  I would have felt so bad if I missed her score!


She was pretty pumped!  Miles’ team lost- this is new for him.  It’s his first loss in his soccer career.  He seemed ok with it since he scored a goal.  Kid has mad skills.   My plan was to run for another hour after her game. Come back and watch Miles play soccer and then run some more until I hit 22 miles.  Well, that was probably the dumbest plan I have had in the history of plans- ever.  I was too cold, too stiff, too hungry, too thirsty, too tired and too full of excuses to complete the run.  I only beat myself up about it for about an hour or two.  I plan on doing 20-22 this Saturday as my last super long run before the Big Show.  I was thinking about my week ahead and realized about an hour ago that the Friday before the big run, I will be teaching 4 classes.  Again.  I vowed never to do that again.  Twice I vowed this.  This Friday I am teaching 2 Total Body Sculpts and 2 Spin classes.  First class starts at 5:45 am and the last one begins at 12 noon.  Maybe it’s a good thing to train on overly tired legs?  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?  We shall see about that!  I’m not complaining, just stating the facts.  I would also like to point out that I find it very difficult to carb load and hydrate properly for my run when I am using up every ounce of carbs and water for teaching on Friday. Any advice?  I’m all ears.  Especially if your advice includes downing boxes of Hot Tamales.

Hello, gorgeous!

Hello, gorgeous!  We shall meet again….


Which I have not had in over 2 weeks.  This is HUGE news.  Trust me.  HUGE.

Song of the Day:  Royals by Lorde.  I just like the song.  It’s pretty chill.   I think the singer is cool and I like that she does not look like she would sound as she does.  Whatever that means.  The kids are fans of this one too and I am pretty sure Amara knows the whole song.  I use her secretly to learn the words.  Shhh, don’t tell her!  Actually, she already knows that I use her for that. She’s fine with it. She better be, or I will ground her.   😉


2 thoughts on “Worst.Plan. EVER.

  1. This sounds EXACTLY how my Columbus marathon training has been going! It’s hard to juggle life (kids, work, etc) with long runs! I’m a morning runner and a wimp in the dark. Some mornings I literally stand at my kitchen door with all my gear on, waiting for some daylight to appear!

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