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Muscles are HOT!

I guess my “story” starts from a young age.  I was a bonafide tomboy being that I had 2 older brothers to help guide me.  I shunned dresses and never owned a Barbie until I was in the 3rd grade. ( My BFF’s mom felt bad for me and bought me 2 for my birthday- I promptly cut their hair short and then completely off).  I was shy, but never turned down the opportunity to run and play with my older brothers and their friends. We played pickle, baseball and tag-all.day.long.  It must have been in 4th or 5th grade while playing baseball.  I was running the bases and made it to home safely.  My brothers friends said, “you’re pretty fast for running like a girl.”   The nerve!  I was actually mad.  I think this whole time I thought I had them fooled-that I was in fact a boy!  

I ran track and field from grade 7 up until I graduated high school.  I was a sprinter and I was pretty fast ( for a girl!).  I also did the long jump my Senior Year and did really well.

Fast forward to college – I enrolled in a class “weight lifting 101” or something like that.  I had never really lifted weights before and I was loving it.  I soon started going to every group exercise class that I could, I utilized the free fitness center and became a vegetarian to support my vegetarian roommate.  I was gaining muscle, losing fat and was feeling great.  This story could go on and on, but to make it short – I was approached by the aerobics staff about teaching classes ( my shy self).  I accepted, got certified and have been teaching since 1998!

It was also in college that I first saw Oxygen Magazine.  One of the models in particular claimed to have my same stats– she was 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighed 125 lbs.   How come I did not look like her??  She had muscles and looked beautiful!  I now had a new goal in my head.  I wanted to achieve her look or something close to it.  I knew it was not the “normal” look of a college student, but it was one that I wanted!

I soon graduated college with a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Corporate Wellness.  I also met my husband Matt in College.  We married in 2003.  I soon got pregnant and had Amara in 2004.  I was active practically everyday during this pregnancy-it was my job (  literally).  I was still instructing at the college and was managing a small fitness center as well.  I think I was teaching about 11 classes a week!  The night my water broke I had taught a Spinning class as well as a kickboxing class a few hours prior!

To my COMPLETE surprise..I won!  I swept the categories. It was CRAZY.   Long story short (ha).  I only compete in running races and duathlons now ( run/bike/run).  I love to compete!

Today, my main forms of exercise are Spinning and running!  I go through phases of lifting weights and outdoor cycling (weather permitting).   I qualified for The Boston Marathon (fall 09), but was unable run it.  I am not sure I want to try again though. (*update:  I tried to BQ in 2013, missed it by 30 seconds…fail!)Through this blog I hope to share what I do to find the balance in my activities as well as raising my family.  I want to intertwine all the many facets of my world into one-being a mother, wife and fitness — my life.   I also hope to learn from the readers as well.   Thanks for following my journey!



22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. saw you on goals for the week.. had to come check you out since our site names are similar. I’m wife.mother.athlete. I’ll check back on you more soon… gotta run.

  2. hey marcia,

    great post about your fitness since high school. after 4 years of salem track and cross country, i had no desire to run, but i started rock climbing! you look phenomenal in your competition photo — wonderful to see you reach your goals!


    • Awww! Thanks Kimberly! 🙂 I think the time off of running did me some good..and I was “just” a sprinter! I thought a 400 meter run was too far back then! A friend of mine is into rock climbing, it looks challenging and right up my alley!
      Nice to hear from you!

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  4. I used to do fitness competitions!! I was in Oxygen magazine about 7 years ago!! I should scan those old photo’s and articles and post them on my blog!! How fun!! I ended up not loving the competitions but loving the goal. Running is my mainstay and I know I should do more weights….. My 9 year old daughter was recently riding her bike on one of my runs and said “Mom are you running to get your abs back?” I said, “My abs are good” She said (with a little disdain, I might add) “Not like they used to be! We should take out the pictures and I”ll show you!” Nice… Keeping me honest!! You’re an inspiration!!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! Figure was fun…I only did one show, but I was a nervous wreck…clomping around in 4 inch heels- not easy for this sneaker loving girl! I can relate to your 9 year old’s comments…it sounds all too familiar! 🙂 I just subscribed to your blog- Wow! You are one busy ( mom of 13!) 🙂

  5. Hello fellow Team Tough Chik-ies! 🙂 I was thrilled to read the write-up on the blog and see other Michiganders! 🙂 You both are very inspiring and just love that you share this blog! I will be following for sure! 🙂 How did you both meet and become training partners? SO very cool!! 🙂

    • Hello! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Andi and I met a few years ago when she took my daughters pictures. We connected again years later at our gym. I talked her into running because she thought she hated it…. 😉 We have been pretty much stuck with each other ever since.

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