Week Recap




Here we go!  Last week did not go as planned.  Nope.  Close?  Well……close enough!   😉

Last weeks plan was :

Monday– Spin instruction ( 2 classes)   YES.

Tuesday– Run to include hill sprints ( 7-9 mile goal).  Full body weights   Weights only.

Wednesday–  Spin instruction and yoga ( whaaaaat?)  Spin and Tuesdays Run

Thursday- Run – to include tempo intervals ( 7-9 mile goal).  Body Combat class or Full body weights. Yoga only

Friday– Easy cardio ( not running) for 45-60 minutes.  Nothing

Saturday- Run 16 miles  YES

Not horrible but not ideal either, ya know?  And to top it all off I am in denial that I have a cold.  Just a minor sinus thing, but very annoying and inconvenient.  I don’t have time for sickness.

Kids are doing well.  Amara was in a play on Sunday.  She had 3 small parts.  It was a lot of fun to see her on stage.  I was not brave as she is.  I like that.  I was much more reserved and shy at her age, so it’s really great to see that I did not pass on that trait to her!



She hated the makeup ( I did pass on that trait).  They had a lot of fun trying to get her big hair to behave under a hat.

Miles has his 1st grade concert on Wednesday.  He has a speaking role.  I am just hoping he slows down so everyone can understand what he’s saying!  Kid does everything fast!  🙂



He’s already for Valentine’s Day!  He asked to dress up.  I told him to use those dimples for good and not evil.  I hope he listens….  FYI:  I did pass on the trait of losing at least one eye when you smile.  Hint: that only happens when it’s a genuine smile.  Sometimes I lose both of my eyes unless I concentrate really hard!! ( I hate having my picture taken).  True story.

My Sunday Set- up is a few days late……

Monday- spin instruction

Tuesday- OFF (haha)

Wednesday- Cardio Sculpt, Spin, quick run (2-3 miles)

Thursday- Run 6-8 miles

Friday- Short cardio ( 30 minutes) and full body weights

Saturday- TBD—  I am supposed to run 12 miles, but that’s up in the air for now!

It’s almost March!!  I know.  What in the world?!?!?  I won’t even complain about the weather.  I won’t even tell you that we are going to have record lows this week and how incredibly stupid and depressing that is.  Nope.  I won’t say a word about that.  I am thinking about hosting a March 30 Day Challenge to begin on Saturday. It’s basically to keep myself accountable and you too!  VOTE!

Have you tried these yet?


Birthday Cake M&M’s.  I’m a candy lover.  I’m not a chocolate lover, but I had to try these because they are new.  I love to be the first at trying new candy.  I love to win!  Life is a competition!!!!!   Winner!  They are ok.  They taste like cake batter, so if you’re into that- you might like these.  I would rather just eat cake batter.  Raw eggs and all.  Bring it.

Song choice of the day:  Incubus. Drive.  This one is not on my playlist. It’s kinda too mellow for being all hardcore (haha).  It’s one of those memory lane songs.  I have heard a lot of Incubus lately so it’s fresh in my brain.  I used to sing this to Amara when she would wake up 1 million times a night as an infant.

Inappropriate onesie.  Courtesy of Uncle Allen.   :-)

Inappropriate onesie. Courtesy of Uncle Allen.               🙂

We were not big fans of lullabies.  Obviously.  She liked it enough.

Don’t forget to vote!!!


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