Tentacles,Treadmill Running, Egg in a cup and it’s THURSDAY! ( 1 more sleep til Friday yo)

Amara is 7!  We spent some time at The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and out to dinner.  Fun stuff.  She ordered the calamari  😉  I knew she would!

Calamari- lots of tentacles!

Amara "fishing" at the Children's Museum

HUGE Strawberry Shortcake!

The waitress said the dessert was BIG, but I had no idea.  I should have eaten at Uccello’s on my birthday!  😉  It had fresh strawberries, and real biscuit short cakes.  Oh, and ice cream and whipped cream too.

Yum! She dominated this dessert!

Thursday~  I was not sure I would do anything today.  But, I did.  I went to the gym.  Talked a while (haha) and then hit the treadmill.  My BFF frenemy.  Actually, today it was OK.  Probably because I have not been on it in a while.  I did a 1 mile elliptical warm up first.  I loosely did what my running group did tonight.

I was to perform 8×400 at 5k pace.  I kept it simple and just progressed with each 400 meters on the tread.  There was a 400 walk/jog between “sprints”. Here is how is looked:

  1. 1:53
  2. 2:05
  3. 2:02
  4. 2:01
  5. 1:58
  6. 1:53
  7. 1:54
  8. 1:46

Almost progressive.  Mostly. Ha.  I told myself I would do at least 4 of them…and then I felt OK after 6.  So, I just figured I would do all 8!  Very glad I did that.  I don’t usually run on Thursday’s so an extra 2 miles this week is always a good thing.  I called the allergists again trying to get an appointment ( with anybody  now..I want someone to see me and CURE me).  I have to call back on Tuesday.  Great.  I will though.  After running I contemplated lifting, but ran into Andi and chatted for a bit too long.  I had errands to run, so I decided to lift Friday after Spin.

I made an egg in a cup ( I used a ceramic mug and it worked just fine) before I left for the gym and packed it up with an almond pancake.  This was much easier than eating eggs with a fork while driving.  It looks kind of nasty, but it wasn’t – I swear.

Post exercise food. It was good. Knock it off.

On tap for Friday:  Spin, possibly foam roll for the first time since Saturday and lift something.


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