I’ve been failing at posting on this thing!  Whooops!  Maybe I should block away some time 1-2 times a week to post.  That sounds like a good idea, nah.  I usually just post when the feeling hits me.  Which is why I am posting now when I should be doing something else. 

The kids are on Spring Break.  I usually gut their rooms ( literally) and have them all spic and span when they get back from the in-laws.  Not this year.  Miles’ room is 79% complete.  Amara’s room is 0% done.  Whooops again!  

Not much has been going on. And by not much I really mean — too much.    My running has kind of taken a back seat.  Not exactly happy about that, but it is what it is–  good thing I have a half marathon this weekend!  Gazelle Girl is on Sunday!  Am I ready to run?  Sure.  I think I am always able to run 13.1 miles at anytime.  Am I ready to race?  Well….that’s another story.  I hope to be.       🙂

 Amara is ready for her 5k!  We had a fun night of tu tu making.  About 30 people showed up to the event! 



I probably won’t wear mine for 13.1, but it sure was fun making them!  I made sure Amara paid attention because I’m not the crafty type.  I try though.  She’s ready to rock the tu -tu for her 5k.  Isn’t she cute!??!   ❤      Yes, yes she is.  

In other news.  My Garmin is back and it works!  I have been Garmin-less since November.  What an awful time in my life.  I sort of forgot how to use it.  I should figure that out by before Sunday.  Duh.  Projected forecast for Sunday? 43* at 8am. So far, no rain.  Or snow.  Or sleet.  But, it’s only Friday.  It’s Michigan.  I just plan on being semi-ready for anything.  Monsoon?  I’m ready.  Ice?  Ready.  Heatwave?  Bring it.  Rain or shine, snow or tsunami – I’m ready!         🙂

Good luck to everyone running this weekend. Are you running the Gazelle Girl?  There are more races this weekend too- are you participating?  Let me know!!   Have FUN!  


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