GR Marathon Recap. So it’s a little late……….

It’s been since October since I last posted.  Get off my back.  I’m a busy woman with lots going on.    🙂

I think I owe you a Grand Rapids Marathon play by-play.  Well, I can’t give the usual riveting details as I usually do ( I know, I know).  I only can’t because I can’t remember –  it was October.  I do remember that it was a great day for a race. The weather was practically perfect.  Even though my hands were frozen.  I do remember being super excited. I remember knowing I put in all the training and that I was ready.  I also remember being MOST excited for my friends that were running their first marathon, or half marathon.  I was excited to hear how they did.  I remember being stressed out and also trying ( and failing) to push the stress  OUT of my head. I had a marathon to concentrate on.  I remember having the best playlist I have ever made for a race ( I have a lot, so this is saying a lot). The fresh tunes of Miley Cyrus (don’t judge #GETITRIGHT is good) Incubus and Zedd just to name a few, carried me through to the finish line.  My big goal was to qualify for Boston in 3:40:00.  I didn’t make it.  I ran a 3:40:30.  No joke.  The thing is, I wasn’t as upset as you might think I would be.  I was upset for a lot of other B.S. but that’s neither here nor there ( what does that even mean???).  I missed qualifying by 30 little seconds.  Really?  Come on.  That figures – was basically what I said.  I had to walk away from this and not see it as a failure.   As some of you know I had suffered from vocal cord dysfunction for about 3 years and then it somehow just vanished – poof!  I could actually breath while I ran.  Who knew?  What a concept.  Breathing, while running.  And running sort of fast.   I could only walk away knowing that for the previous years I could barely run.  I still ran.  I gasped for breath.  I still trained.  I still raced.  ( my last great race before the vocal cord crap was GR Marathon 2009 – where I qualified for Boston.  Go friggin’ figure)     🙂    So I wallowed and had a mini pity party for myself and then I got over myself and signed up for The Bayshore Marathon.  Crap.  The marathon is my least favorite distance.  It’s way too long. Training for that just started.  May 24th is 18 weeks and 3 days away – but who’s counting???   My big goal will be the same as it was for GR Marathon.  Obviously.  😉   So this will either be my last marathon EVER or my second to last.

I have no pictures to prove the above recap is true.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

But, here are my Garmin stats.

In other news:  My Garmin is broken.  So dumb.



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