Bridge Run 2013- 10 mile Race Recap

Bridge Run 2013 Recap

This race marks the 1 year anniversary of my vocal cord dysfunction being less dysfunctional.  It was last year when I ran my first race without any difficulty.  Again, I have no idea why and I don’t care!

I had no expectations going into the race.  I was on little to NO sleep ( what else is new?) so I don’t even use that as an excuse anymore.  If I had enough sleep ( ha) I probably would not have done as well.  That’s just how I function.  Sleep is severely overrated.

The 10 miler started at 8:05 am.  It was about 52 degrees at the start.  Perfect!  I wore capris and a tank top. The rain was scheduled to fall close to the end of the race.  Oops, I think it started by 8:07 am!  It wasn’t so bad though.  And I think it only lasted less than 1 mile.  Just a little sprinkle to wake up the runners.  My first mile was well under 8 minutes and I felt fine.  Miles 2-4 were pretty consistent at 7: 30 ish.  It was around mile 4 that I decided to stay close behind these 2 dudes.  I have no idea how to pace myself, but these guys were apparently experts at it.  I’m smart so I stayed on their heels.  Not literally, but you know what I mean.  They were fine with it.  How do I know?  I asked. Ha.  I recognized one of the guys from the gym and also as a parent on Miles’ soccer team from last year.  So were practically BFF’s.   He has also attended several of my spin classes so he pretty much owed me.  😉  I was trying to open my Sport Beans around mile 5, but as usual my hands failed me.  They were so cold and stuck like claws..  Booooo!  It took me about a half mile to get the package opened. I ate more than half of the beans to give me some fuel and energy.  I also carried my handheld water bottle.  I had it filled with Nuun.  I have issues with Gatorade.  My issue is – It’s gross. At around mile 6 I saw the kids and gracefully threw them my empty water bottle.  By gracefully I mean it barely made it to them and part of it landed on the course.  Ooops.    I was feeling really good!  I still didn’t want to get too cocky and pick up my pace too much, so I only picked it up a little bit.  At mile 7 ish I thanked my pacers and pulled ahead to finish the last 5k strong.  My last 5k was about 23:03 for a 7:25 ish pace.  My official time for the 10 miles was 1:14:17.  My slowest miles being 7:48 and my fastest 7:22– making the average 7:26.  Woohoo!  I’ll take it.  It was a great day for a race!

Favorite song on my playlist:  Incubus- Sick, Sad Little World.  It’s fast and got me through a mental struggle during the race.  And it’s a little on the angry side to get ya all fired up.  Works for me!





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