Counting Calories- Day 1………..

Monday.  It’s not so bad.  Even though the wind chill is spoiling all the fun; it’s still in the 40’s today!  I know it’s only February and we WILL be getting another cold spell, but the break in weather is very nice.  It will even be warmer in the coming days.  In honor of Valentine’s Day I even carried Miles to and from the car this morning.  I love that heavy lug that much!  It was a windy day and he kept commenting on how much he loves the wind.  He loves it because it tickles him.  Because I know him so well, this is his way of telling me he is scared out of his mind and to please pick him up and carry him.  He did tell me I was strong though.

Spin this morning was another good one.  It was a repeat of Friday’s noon class.  I felt I was working just as hard, but my heart rate average was just 2 beats lower on average and the calorie burn was about 25 calories less.  If I cared that much, that would really tick me off!  Good thing it was as close as it was, or I would be slightly annoyed.  I taught Totally Toned at noon, where I set up a circuit consisting of 10 strength training stations around the room.  Each station was 30 seconds.  Between rounds we performed a set of abs for 2-4 minutes.  The class completed 4 rounds in total.  Good stuff, it looked hard.  😉

Myplate food diary over at Livestrong is going quite well today.  I always start off strong though. If I can figure out how to post it on here ( screen shot? help….) I will do that later tonight after I finish watching The Bachelor.  I have about 1158 calories left before I hit my “goal”.  The part I get annoyed with is measuring everything.  I even counted out 15 little cinnamon imperial candies.  I guess that is better than eating them by the handful…I guess.  When I did my figure competition my food scale was my  best friend.  It’s how I knew exactly how much I was eating.  Even after the competition I used the scale for a long time.  And them I got pregnant with Miles, and I stopped measuring out most things.  I always measure my oats for some reason.  It was kind of annoying to measure out salad and the dressing.  But, I do what I must!

Well, it’s time to figure out what’s for dinner!

On tap for tomorrow:  HealthyMinds/Body class, Cardio Sculpt, Run

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day inspired goodie?  I love cinnamon hearts!!


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