G. Rap Marathon or BUST.

2 days in a row.  I know, I know.  Don’t get used to it!  😉    I know that I said I was running The Grand Rapids Marathon, but I wasn’t even signed up yet.  So, since I don’t want to be a liar, I signed up yesterday after I posted.  It’s official now.  I actually planned on signing up after I ran 16 miles. I wanted to see how it went.  It went well, but  then decided to wait until I ran 18.  That went even better than the 16.  You can see where this is going  So, I wanted to wait until I ran 20.  I ran 20 and it went well.  I was thinking maybe I should wait until after I ran 22.  Nah!  You also have to understand that the race is about 6 weeks away, I usually sign up the day before or even at the expo ( that’s me living on the edge again). So this is a major improvement.  I have some weird superstition that I will get injured before the race and then will be out of the 1 million dollar race fee.  That has never happened, but now that I wrote this down I’m pretty sure I will break my leg.  😉  I celebrated with a 7.5 mile run today.  It was on the treadmill since it was almost 90 degrees outside at noon.  (dumb).  It was good run.  Even if it was bad, it was still good.  That makes total sense.

Song of the Day: Sideways by Citizen Cope.   Ok, so I first heard this song in the movie Ghost Town  a few years ago.  Looked it up and have been a fan ever since.  I have been listening to all of his stuff on Spotify for the past month or so since he’s coming to Grand Rapids on Monday.  I’m pumped – I’m going!! He only goes to swanky cities like New York and Chicago.  So, I was shocked when I learned he would be in G-Rap.  I love live music and have discovered a lot of bands/musicians that I like by accident.  Usually an opening act to a more popular artist, TV shows and movies.  $10 concerts at The Intersection is the best deal in town.   This “video” sucks, but I dig the song and almost all of his other tunes as well.  His stuff is too slow for spin or a few too many swear words.  I have used this for a cool down song though.


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