Quick recap…..

Super quick update!

I’m still alive….just coming off my Spring Break high.  😉    I had very little time over break to blog.  Dang kids keep taking up my time!  We didn’t go anywhere that exciting, but man I forget how tiring it is to be with those crazy kids all.day.long.  Thank goodness for school!  A few pictures of what I have been up to.  Supporting Michigan college b-ball.  Cousins on the couch.  A picture of the glorious sun after a GREAT run around Reed’s Lake.  Cupcakes ( need I say more??) and an 80’s run with the Urban Herd.  I was rocking some sweet shoulder pads.  Hot.

The last 2 weeks....

The last 2 weeks….

My workouts for the past 2 weeks have been great. I have been tapering for for the big race tomorrow!  The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon!!!  Woohoo!  It’s finally here.  The weather is going to be awesome ( sarcasm). But, what are you gonna do??  You suck it up and run.  I have been training in horrible weather all year long, so no need to bitch about it.   🙂  My 8 year old declared she is going for her PR tomorrow.  I had to downplay my excitement, but I hope she does it.  Mainly because she will be upset if she doesn’t and who likes to see a sad kid??  Not me.  * she placed 5th at her last 5k for 9 and under.  She was awarded a pint sized mug. *    🙂

My plan is to post a race recap by Sunday and then get back to regularly scheduled posts.       🙂


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