315 minutes……

Monday– Spin instruction at 10 am.  Race Day!  It was totally unplanned.  I planned class at about 8:30 am and was not thinking it would be this intense.  My iPod decided to totally drain so I was a bit later to the gym then usual.  I had to get the thing charged. Class was great and the participants really gave their all. Race days should always be intense though, because you’re racing.  It only makes sense.  I had 2 new people in class today and 1 left.  I explained that you don’t have to ride the class as a race day, but I also know it can be intimidating.  I thought about lifting something, but caught up with a friend instead.      🙂

Tuesday– Spin instruction at 5:15 am.  Early day for me.  Don’t you feel bad?!?!?   This is the hour class and they always come to work HARD!  It was a high intensity interval class, but I was sure to hold back a bit since I participated in the race day yesterday.  No need for all of that two days in a row.   After class I did a full body circuit ( from lasts months Women’s Health magazine.  I like to get some ideas and inspiration for my classes…found some!) and then headed home.  I wanted to run outside today, but it’s cold and snowy and windy.  Is that enough excuses??  I would have to run alone too.   😦    Maybe tomorrow……..

Wednesday– Spin class instruction at 10 am.  We did an interval ride full of equal parts speed and hill climbs.  No  running. I brought my shoes and everything!  Lame.  Miles and I waiting for Amara to be dismissed from Girls on the Run.


Thursday– Spin class participant at 5:15 am.  It was a tough 1 hour long class interval style.   Fun times.  I ran!  2 whole miles!!   😉  It was easy, I like that.

Friday– Spin class instruction at 5:30 am. (duh- that’s the theme this week!)  I actually planned the class before 10 pm.  I was a bit worried that class would not be any good since I usually have my best profiles at the last minute!!  😉  Thank goodness it went over well.  I had one member who was very into this class today- she was hootin’ and hollerin’ every 5 minutes.  I get a kick out of that, especially at 5:30 am !  After spin I thought about lifting, but I forget why I declined.  I hopped on the treadmill ( oh right, now I remember why I skipped lifting.  I have slacked on running this week so I ran.)  I ran 2 miles again.  Ha.  Something is better than nothing?!?!?  Runners are strange.      🙂   My kids don’t get out of school until 3:15 pm, but I try to get there by 2:45 when I can.  Why would I do that??  So I can read.  Or nap.  Or have a bit of quiet in my life. Maybe all 3 of these!  I have a lot of books and magazines that I need want to read and since I have self presribed ADD at times, this is the best way for me to have to stay put and get some reading done.  My passanger seat is stacked with magazines and articles.  This is just a glimpse:


Saturday–  12 miles of fun with Mary.  It’s our last long one until April 13th– The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.  The run went well for us!  It wasn’t horribly freezing cold out today.  It was just horribly cold- big difference.  My hands could still bend and flex by the end of the run.  Spring is in the air!  My biggest wish is that in 3 weeks, the weather is not horribly ANYTHING.  It was in the high 20’s when we ran today, so wishing for 10 degrees warmer or even 15 in 3 weeks does not seem too much to ask for- does it???  Nope.   😉  For the most part we had negative splits which is usually my goal.     When we are done running and I know that we could have pushed more makes me feel great.  No need to race every weekend during a training run.  No need for that nonsense.  Especially when you are super cool like us and take an hour spin class after running 12 miles.  I normally don’t succumb to peer pressure ( I pride myself on saying no to drugs and yes to life!!! ), but today was different. I gave in.  It was hard.  I was in long pants.   Luckily I had a spare short sleeved shirt, but no spin shoes.  I can’t believe I still went.  Needless to say, it was a lot of fun.  It was also the end to my Spin Streak of the week.  I either taught or took a spin class Monday- Saturday this week.  Somehow I am not even sick of it.  Weird.   🙂

Did you figure out what the 315 minutes means???

What are your favorite magazines to read?


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