The rest of the week, running strong and vocal cord dysfunction update.

Thursday– OFF.  I know.  I thought about a run.  Really, I did.  I wanted to,  I had no clean sports bras.  Truth be told, I am not one to re wear any piece of exercise clothing more than once before I wash it.  I can’t go there.  I have been weeding out my old stuff to make room for some new stuff so I lost track of what I had clean.  Nothing.  My bad.      I have bras from college still.  I still wear them.  I know.  Not good. Did you know that sports bras should not celebrate a birthday???  Too bad that means I have some that have celebrated 10.  Ooops.  🙂    To learn more fun bra facts come to Gazelle Sports Fit Fest Weekend- March 22, 23 and 24.  Get an expert ( I’m still in training) to find the perfect fit and get 20% off your bra purchases.  The kids had their activities at the YMCA later on.   Amara is having fun swimming.  Her class is small with 4 kids total.  She’s the only girl!  Miles played football in his class.  I wish I could watch both kids at the same time do their thing! They both start at 5 pm so that’s not possible.  I mentioned last week how much havoc her hair will take due to the chlorine?  This is what I’m working with the day after  swim lessons


Yikes!   Haha!  Her hair is awesome.  She would wear it all crazy and untamed like this everyday if I let her.  I am mean though and I won’t let her.   🙂     Today was also, not that day.  Last night she made a headband out of a waist band, and old shirt, a button and a barrette   I had to make sure the headband could be seen, so a ponytail it is.


It took her about 20 minutes.  I was impressed.  I am not that crafty.  Like, not at all. I try, and the kids love it when I create something that looks like a 3-year-old made it.   Bedtime:  10:15 pm

Friday–  Spin at 5:30 am.  I repeated the same big hill class from Thursday.  I kept the same music, but changed the hill intervals up a bit.  I needed some variety.  I had about 18 people show up at this early hour.  Bunch of crazy people.    It was a tough class, but it took me a while to get my heart rate up to where I wanted it.  After class I wanted to do some reading so I jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes of light intervals.


I thought about going back to take Mary’s Boot camp class at 10 am, but my kids keep cramping my style!!   😉   They have a half day and I would either have to cut out early from the class or be late picking up the kids from school.  I don’t like either option so I will just sit on the couch instead.  Bedtime:  10:15 pm

Saturday–  It was a great day for a 12 mile run! I will consider my first 2 miles my warmup.  I usually only have 1 mile in there, but due to poor running etiquette ( someone else, NOT mine-duh), my 2nd mile was not where I wanted it. It was still a pretty solid run.  Even though Mary didn’t run with me ( I won’t give her grief, since it was her birthday…. ) we both had negative splits.  Coincidence??  I think not.  We both think we are from the Twilight Zone……inside joke.  😉  I still kept a n 8:52 pace. Around mile 9 or so I was running behind some woman.  She was probably the reason my mile splits were quicker.  Must. Pass. Blonde. Ponytail.  I passed her and saw her SEVERAL ( at least 5) minutes later at the water station.  She had nothing to say to me.  Not even a smile or a simple, ” You are awesome”.  Whatever lady.  😉   My last mile was 7:55.  I was racing an imaginary person and I am pretty sure I beat her.

12 miles done. I was a bit overdressed-- spring has sprung!

12 miles done. I was a bit overdressed– spring has sprung!

The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon  is roughly 6 weeks away.  Kinda excited over here.  I don’t have a goal so far, but since my best effort for 13.1 is 1:51:48, I guess I should do better than that.  Here’s the thing.  My whole Vocal Cord Dysfunction  seems to have vanished.  I have not had any episodes in months.  Like, maybe 6 months?!?!  I can’t be sure, but I think it’s been at least that long. My last 3 years of running have been not so great.  Close to being horrible actually. I don’t even think about it anymore.  I have also gotten so cocky that I have not used my inhaler in at least 4 months.  I know.  Cray.  I talked to a very smart nurse about the VCD.  She had never even heard of it.  Ha!  But we did talk about my low iron and how there might be a correlation.  My iron is no longer low and has not been for at least 6 months.  You see where  I am going with this…..Who knows if there really is a connection, but all I know is I can run without being afraid that I can’t breathe without a moments notice.  The real test ( I think), will be the spring/summer when my allergies are in full effect and there is some humidity in the air.  If my VCD makes an appearance I will be ticked off for sure, but  I won’t forget how great my runs were in the fall and winter.  🙂  Just trying to be positive over here.    Bedtime:  Confused by time change, 😉   and I was out for Mary’s birthday!  Foam Roll: 15 minutes.  

Scooter foam rolling after working out with Matt.

Scooter foam rolling after working out with Matt.

Miles has been hard at work making a Leprechaun Trap for school.  His trap includes lots of empty small boxes, paper towel cardboard, empty vitamin bottles and tape.  Lots of tape.  5 year olds love them some tape.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  He took a break to smile for the camera.


Cute, ain’t he?!?

Don’t forget about the Brooks Urban Herd Pub Run just follow the link and I hope to see you on Monday!  🙂

Goals for the week:  Yoga 4x this Month (0), Bedtime 10:45 3x/week (YES) and Foam Roll 10 mins 4x week(YES)

Today (Sunday) is day 7 of the herbal cleanse.   I might have been 80% compliant yesterday.   That is my confession of the day.

I hope you had a great week.  Question:  Do you change your goals weekly?  How about your sheets?    😉


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