It’s March……..Spring is in the air!

Happy March.  Just as usual, time flies.  I hope your February was as great as mine.    😉      4 yoga sessions planned.  0 yoga classes taken.  What happened??  I have no idea.  Yes, I do.  I didn’t take any yoga classes, that’s what happened.  As for getting into bed before 10:45 pm five nights a week- nope.  Maybe twice a week??


  • Don’t make goals
  • 4 yoga sessions this month
  • In bed by 10:45 pm – 3 nights a week.  
  • Foam roll 10 minutes 4 times a week

The rest of the week…..

Thursday-  OFF.  Kids started their sports classes today.  Swim class for Amara.  Miles is taking Sports Sampler.  The first day was great.  This will not be fun though (for me- it’s all about ME!!) I am sooo not ready for 7 weeks of big, unmanageable dry hair.  And it will be “bleached” light brown to blonde as well.  Thanks chlorine.  Actually, I am a natural blonde- I just dye it to avoid some awkward questions from people who don’t know any better.


Friday Body By ARMR KO class—->  If you are looking to kick your workout into high gear, then K.O. is where it’s at.  1 solid hour of jabs, hooks, upper cuts, kicks, combined with short burst of high intensity intervals.   K.O. will keep your heart rate high and your boredom level low!!    Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Matt and I bought a Groupon a week ago.  We have always wanted to take a boxing type class, but all the boxing only gyms in our area are severely overpriced.  After taking this class with the discount, I can already assume that we would forgo our cheap frugal ways and pay full price once we use up our 10 class pack!  You heard it hear first!  It was awesome!  It was so hard!  I thought I was going to die.  1 hour is a long time.  I am so sore today ( Sunday).  Whew.  2 ( 20 second) rounds on the bag and then 1 -2 minutes of lots of hard stuff.  Squat jumps, burpees, jump rope, lunges, box jumps, some more burpees, high knees…..did all that.  Oh, push ups too.  Cannot forget the push ups yo.   I have to say – the instructor, Andye is the best.  I felt we could totally be BFF’s in real life.    🙂     ( I must have a thing for chicks named Andi)   I am sure she hears it all the time –  it was as if we had known each other for a while and not 30 seconds.   So anyway, if you are in my neck of the woods- you should seriously consider checking this place out.  Remember my last post about Comfort Zones??   This might be the class that does it for you.  Or if you had a stressful or hard week day and need to hit something.  If you NEED to hit something HARD- you should take this class.  Better the bag then someones face.  Just sayin’.

Saturday 11 miles!    It was not an easy run, but for some reason I thought we were faster then we actually were.  I am still very happy with this one because I have not been on any hills this training season (ooops).  The course we ran was basically the 25k backwards.  Not the entire course, but part of it.  The hills are not that bad, but still.  We kept our pace under 9 minutes which was good enough. I guess it’s harder to run fast when you talk the whole time–maybe?? After taking the K.O class the night before, my legs were a bit on the tired side.  I know Mary’s normal Friday workout is at least as hard as mine was today ( most likely harder), so she’s used to running on overly tired legs— not this chick though! ( don’t you feel bad for me?!?!)  I welcomed the added stress.  It makes me stronger, right?!?!  Sure.  The group was huge as it was the first Saturday of the month.  A free, supported run starts at the Downtown YMCA at 8 am.  Look for the next one in April!

If you like free runs you should come to the Urban Herd tomorrow at 6:30 pm!!  Here are the details:

Come to the Urban Herd this Monday, March 4th, for the final Urban Herd run leading up to our 5k fun run at Trillium Haven! There are opportunities to win prizes from Brooks, do any or all of the following
1-Come to the Urban Herd
2-Bring a friend
3-Wear Brooks Apparel
Giveaways will be during the fun run at Trillium Haven March 11
Urban Herd at the Grand Rapids store meets at 6:30 be there!

Simple enough.  I might make an appearance too.  If not, I plan on being there for the fun run on the 11th.      🙂     It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are.  All abilities are welcome.   It’s fun.  Come on out.

The Irish Jig is right around the corner – are you going to participate?


I hope you finished out February on a good note! March 20th is the first day of Spring.  Don’t let Spring sneak up on ya!  That’s why Matt and I are starting the Advocare cleanse tomorrow– Wish us luck.      🙂     I made 3 veggie heavy soups today that will help us to stick to our ways for 10 days. A 10 day jump start to get us back on track and to cleanse our insides (yum).  I might continue on with the full 24 day challenge.  I have a nice little sale on this great system going on right now too.  I will touch on this a bit more in a few days.  I know you are excited about that.  If you can’t wait a few days, please message me with any questions.


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