Comfort Zones- who needs them?!?!?

I am sure you were hoping to see what I did last week.  I can’t find my notes.  Seems to be a running theme with me this week.  What I do know is that I had 2 days off in a row last week- Saturday and Sunday.  No long run for me this week.  Boooo!      😦  I had great intentions of getting it in on Friday.  The rain and snow and cold scared me away as did the crappy thought of running 9-10 miles on the treadmill. ( barf).  So I taught Spin class and called it a day.  So this leads me to this week.

Monday– Spin class instruction.  It was a great group and a pretty intense class.  A few long hills with varying cadence was on the agenda.  The intention of class was to bring the participants out of their comfort zones…way out and stay there for about 4 minutes at a time.  The class really pushed themselves and did such a great job!!  Getting yourself out of your “Happy Place” is not easy.  I know this from experience.    🙂    We have the tendency to bail when the going gets tough instead of pushing though a rough time.  Personally, my HR was high ( in the 170’s), it hurt and it was difficult, but I didn’t explode or anything crazy like that.  In the back of my mind, I thought I might, but I still pushed on and after 4 minutes it was over for a few minutes and then I did it again.   I will definitely hang on to this profile and repeat it in a few weeks.     🙂    Later that evening I headed over to Gazelle Sports to join the Urban Herd for some running fun.  It’s been a while since I have run with this group and it felt good to be back.  We did a hilly 5k.  It was snowy, slushy and some  icy patches.  But, it was warm(ish).  So I think that trumped how wet it was on the ground.


That was it for Monday!

Tuesday–  I ran again!  Who am I?  Two days in a row.   I had no real plan, but it turned out ok.  I did a warm up mile ( 8:57 ) and then did another 3 quick miles (8:14, 8:25 and 7:53) and a half mile incline walk cool down.  This pace was a bit out of my comfort zone.  Totally doable and I need to KNOW that I can do this.  * working on this–get off my back*        That was my Tuesday.  I planned on hopping on a piece of equipment at the gym, but each time I walked over to a machine – someone got on the one I wanted.  Lame and rude.   😉  Oh well, I wasn’t mad bro.  I did this run on the treadmill because the weather was less than perfect.

Big difference from yesterday!  Booo!

Big difference from yesterday! Booo!

Wednesday– Cardio Sculpt instruction at 6 am.  I was not expecting such a large class today.  We got lots of snow on Tuesday night.  Surprisingly, I arrived at the gym and there was a line to get in the studio.  This is new.  I was about 25 minutes early too.  So anyway, class was on and those that came were ready to work.  I planned a pretty tough class ( I thought).  I am feeling it today, so I hope they are too.   😉    There were a lot of High Intensity Interval Training moves ( definition–  High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of cardio training in which you alternate short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. This type of training has been used by athletes to improve performance, but it’s also been shown to benefit the average exerciser. HIIT training not only helps performance, it also improves the ability of the muscles to burn fat.)

– a great way to shake things up and to break though a plateau if you are STUCK.  Getting the Heart Rate up and taking a rest interval over, and over and over.  Whew.   For portions of class I used an 8 seconds on and 12 seconds off interval.  It might not seem like much, but when repeated 4-6 times in a row– it’s a big deal.  Spin instruction at 10 am.  I   liked how well Monday’s class went that I based the intentions of today’s class loosely on it.  I told them to come slightly out of their comfort zones and not as much as Monday’s.   🙂  It was more about speed today and less hills.   We were on a speed interval for almost 20 minutes.  That’s a lot of time to stay seated, and most of the 25 participants did just that.  Woohooo!   🙂   Fun.

Spin was the word of the Week for me....

The kids had a snow day today too.  I lost count on how many cartoons we watched.  It was a special occasion so I lost count on purpose.  I think I earned some points with Miles.  Probably not.  And they are really into stuff I watched as a kid so I could actually pay attention and not zone out.  🙂   The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry and The Jetson’s were in full effect today.  Cartoons today are so different.  I can’t keep up.  It was fun hanging on the couch with them though.      😉

old picture, but I like it.  So I posted it.

old picture, but I like it. So I posted it.  🙂

And that was my Wednesday.    I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Questions:  How do you bust through a plateau?   When was the last time you exercised outside of your comfort zone?

It’s almost Friday……..see below.         🙂




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