*Weekly Recap*


I think I had a great week!  Since I skipped my long run last Saturday I made up for it on Sunday.  My goal was to do at least miles, but for some reason I made it to 10.  It turns out that it’s a 5k from my doorstep to the gym I work at.  Who knew?!? The weather wasn’t too bad, but I hit a few icy patches that made me slow down..but that’s ok.  I rather be safe then sorry.  Monday was the usual spin instruction, but I was able to slip in a quick 20 minute TRX full body circuit before class.  Well, the warm up was TRX- and the rest was free weights.  Short and sweet.  Just like me.  Although I am of average height based on statistics…..  😉     I had a co-worker make it to my spin class!  This is the second buddy from Gazelle Sports to come see what else I do  Always fun to see them show up.  Tuesday– I did my HR based running workout , my HR goal was 172-177- I was sooo close!!  I ran 7 miles- but I switched it up a bit and ran on the track and the treadmill.  I wore my new Brook’s Ravenna 4 for this run.  I got this shoe from the Brook’s party we were thrown 2 weeks ago.  I liked this shoe lot more than  thought.  It was super light for when I want to run fast or do speed work. It also offered just enough support for me- I pronate just a bit so I need some support. This shoe is purple- my favorite color, so that just makes it all the better!


I probably looked like a tool jumping off the tread and then hoping back on after a mile or 2, but whatever. While my HR training is going well, I am starting to want to NOT do it anymore.  For the most part I am complying with my HR training 2/3 of the workouts–good enough for me right now.  Wednesday– Spin instruction.  It was a tough loop style class.  It was kind of a race too-kind of. The loop got more difficult each time as the “competition” was greater.  I think they enjoyed it- I did!

As weird as it sounds I have a hard time going to the gym later in the day if I am not instructing.  I would rather get up at dark thirty and just get it done.   I slept in ( til 7 am) on Thursday and could NOT get myself to the gym.  I also am not a fan of home workouts.  I sucked it up and just did it though.  Ugh.  I will post that workout up soon.  Promise.  It was adapted from a Women’s Health Magazine workout.  I added and modified things to it to tailor it to what I wanted to do.  All in the privacy of my own home.  With my dog getting in the way.  We all went to dinner for Valentine’s Day.  After my healthy dinner of salmon, we all shared a trio of desserts– Behold:  Red Velvet, Key Lime Pie ( me fave pie in case you want to make me one), and Peanut butter pie.  They were all sooo good!!!  As you can see- we wiped it out.  Vdayplate

Friday I actually was on the elliptical.  It seems like its been a while.  I did intervals for 30 minutes and then hopped on the treadmill and did NOT do my prescribed HR workout.   I did hill sprints and speed for 2 miles.  It was hard, but I made a deal with myself to push myself for 20 minutes….so I did.  Saturday-  10 miles with my girl Mary!  We ran with The Gazelle Sports Run Club for 25k training   They also have a 5k and 10k training program.  If you enjoy running, people, structured programs and supported runs–you should check it out. Our run was freezing cold, icy and FUN.  We had fun yakking it up and catching up with each other.  The time and miles flew by.  It was hard to stop running-  really!  We ended up running out last miles a bit faster because the sun came out and melted a lot of the icy patches.  Mary almost fell at least 4 times.  I was lucky and only almost fell only once, I was too busy trying to save Mary’s life.

photo (23)

It was pretty funny, I guess you had to be there..   😉    All in all it was a pretty solid week of training.  While I did what I wanted to do for strength training, I seemed to have missed a yoga session ( again and oops).  I might get it right this week.  If you wanted to do the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon  this year, it’s too late!!     😦      I mean, its awesome that it reached capacity, but you still can’t do it.  You can still do the 5k.  Amara needs a running partner since her mom is selfish and won’t run with her.     😉  Have a great week!  How is your training going??  Burned out yet??


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