Race Day–What!?!?!


If your are reading this between the hours of 8am and 10 am ( maybe even after 10 pm) I will probably be running a half marathon. I entered a raffle through work and I won! I should probably start saying I never win anything since I won my Tri Del Sol entry last summer.  As usual, I was not expecting to win, but I did, and now I am panicking! Haha….  I am sure I can run a half marathon, just not sure I can race one in this weather at this time.  ( gulp), but the snow and cold is another added element that I would rather do without.  Oh well,  It’s the Groundhog Marathon and since I am doing the half, I have to repeat the same course 4 times…get it?? If you have seen the movie Groundhog Day– this makes sense.  If you have not, you should watch it.   🙂    So anyway…I don’t have a real plan for this race.  My HR trainingplan  does not include intervals this weekend, but it’s only for 65 minutes.  Maybe I can get a super PR and really push it.  haha….not likely.  I will be bundled up asa the low is 16* and the high is 22* – yes, I know that we were in the high 50’s last week.  (insert eye-roll here).  Wish me luck or at least hope that I don’t hurt myself…….  Recap to come.     🙂



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