I’m still here! It’s been a busy few weeks, so that’s why I took some time off from blogging. Still running like a maniac. My running is still going REALLY well. (knock on wood). I had my HR training adjusted. I was running a bit too much for what I am training for. No need to be at 12 miles for a long run, when The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon is still a few months away ( April 13th with about 200 spots open for the half.  There’s still room in the 5k)    🙂  It was nice to know I was comfortably (well, mostly) running 12 miles– it’s also nice to only be running 9!  🙂

The weather here is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!  I ran on the treadmill all last week because it was so so so so cold.  Well, yesterday I think it was in the upper 50’s.  Tomorrow’s high is 19 degrees.  So you see what I am dealing with here.  I hope to get out in the elements this weekend though.  My HR training is NOT intervals ( finally), so it should be easier to do that off of the dreadmill.  Weather be dammed!!!       🙂

Kids are doing well.  They had their first snow day of the season.  Too bad there was no snow in sight.  😦   It was too cold to do much of anything.  After teaching spin class we basically came home and watched a lot of TV.  American Idol and some cartoons.  It was nice to veg for once, but I am glad school is back in session!

The kiddos!

The kiddos!

Miles- just being Miles

Miles- just being Miles



Matt and I ( along with my brother and his wife) ventured to Perrin Brewery over the weekend. ( thanks for the recommendation JP!)  We had dinner and drinks.  It was a really cool place.  Matt and I split an all veggie flat bread sandwich and a turkey melt.  We both liked the veggie one better.  They were both delicious though.  I tried the Golden Ale and Raspberry Blonde brews.  2 is my limit – they were good!  We hope to hit another New to Us place again soon.  If you are in the Grand Rapids area let me know where you like to go for good food and brews.  🙂

I hopefully have the chance to review a cool product.  I am such a gadget girl.  I have always wanted to use a movement  tracker, but never liked the price!  I have been reading up on the SlimKicker Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker.  You can hold yourself accountable, participate in fitness challenges, compete with friends and so much more.  Take a tour of the site and see all the cool things this product has to offer!  Does this seem like something you might like?

Can you believe the month of January is just about over and out?!?!!  Me either—  I hope you are all doing well.


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