Weekly update……

Jan62013aaaWhat a week!  I think I am feeling as close to 100% healthy as I can get.  🙂  No more hacking cough and blowing snot all day…….   Sunday was a day off for me.  Letting my body recover so I could give my all during my workouts for the rest of the week.  Monday was Spin class. Strength  Intervals were on tap today.  Yes, that’s a sticky note stuck on my face.  SO what??


Tuesday was a treadmill run.  It was pouring outside and in the upper 40’s.  I wanted to run outside, but the heavy rain scared me away.   The run went really well (knock on wood) again.  I think I was actually only in my zone 1 for the duration of the run, even though I wrote above it was intervals.  Ooops.  Wednesday I taught Cardio Sculpt at 6am and Spin at 10am.  Spin was full of tough sprints.  I was getting my last spin ride in on the old bikes…we received new bikes on Friday!  Very happy about this- out with the old, in with the new!


Aren’t they beautiful???   🙂  Thursday was an unplanned day off.  Booo!  But, stuff happens and ya just get over it.  My planned run was pushed to Friday morning instead.  Not ideal, since I do my longer run on Saturday.

Friday was a “fun” interval run going between my HR zones (1-4) for about 8 miles.  Fun times.  Whew– it was hard, but I got it done.  No breathing issues again.  So most Thursday nights I have a work meeting at Gazelle Sports.  We had a tech rep from Asics stop in to tell us about all the cool new shoes and updates they have.  I was lucky enough to be able to steal borrow a pair of the new Asics Excel33 running shoes.  I used them for my treadmill run.  I have never been a fan of Asics, because I ALWAYS get a blister.  Well, I almost got one by the end of this run too.  😦  The shoes were nice though.  Nice and light and colorful too!


If you can’t tell by the picture, I was foam rolling.  Note to self:  Never stop foam rolling.  It’s literally a PAIN to start again   OUCH!  Saturday was another run.  I was not thinking I would do so well since my legs were already tired from the day before.  Fortunately it did not go as bad as I thought.  Whew…  Saturday I found myself back in the Asics Excell33.  I decided to give them another chance and I wore higher socks.  No blisters!!  I would actually purchase these shoes even though I can’t stand wearing higher socks to run in….I am a no-show girl all the way.  Oh well, I am up for the sock challenge!  😉   My run went fabulously!  Over 12 miles in with HR training again.  I went 4 minutes in zone 2 (157-167) and zone 4 (177-187) for 2 minutes.  The first hour was great, but the next 35 minutes I was unable to get my HR to get up enough.  No need to stress it averaged 160 for the last part of the run, but I was running a few sub 8 miles with a “low” HR.  What’s up with that?!??!  Well that was my week!! I only got one day of lifting in, but this week will be better.  🙂   I hope you all had a wonderful week too.  Let me know what you are training for, I would love to hear about it.



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