On the mend and getting back on track


Finally feeling a bit better around here.  Things are looking up!  I still have a lingering cough that wants to stick around, but I am almost 100% back to being healthy.  Last week went pretty well.  I was still feeling kind of cruddy during my New Year’s Eve spin class, but I didn’t fall off my bike, so I guess that’s a successful class. We spent New Years at a friend’s house until about 10 pm.  I planned on going to sleep, but Amara had other plans.  She’s a trooper!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I felt good enough to run on New Year’s Day though…it went really well.  The first mile was my warm up and then I was ready to go!  I am glad I was feeling even better by Wednesday– it was my triple duty day.  Cardio Sculpt at 6am, Spin class at 10 am and Total Body Sculpt at 5:45pm.  It was spaced out enough not to kill me, but it still wasn’t easy.  Noting that I have not really lifted seriously for over 2 weeks.  Good thing I lifted twice in one day…..doh!  Thursday, I was sore, but thought it would be a good idea to try to run on the treadmill.  Here – I did a warm up mile that is not shown here.  The first 3 miles shown are on the treadmill, the next 2.5 were on the elliptical.  I had a coughing fit during the second half of my run so I plopped myself on the elliptical for another 30 minutes or so.  No coughing = another success in my book these days.  🙂   Friday was another spin day.  Oh, and I thought I was sore on Thursday–  I was super sore on Friday!!  I think it lasted until Saturday.  Awesome.   😉

Saturday was my long run day.  I veered from my prescribed heart rate training and took it down a notch or 2 instead.  Mary and I still hammered out 10 miles- 9 of those miles under a 9 minute pace.  Good enough for me!  I hope my cough is gone soon so I can push my pace a bit more.  I have officially started training for the Gazelle Girl half marathon too.   I love having a goal again.  I plan on going to the first Gazelle Girl meetup next Sunday (13th).  You should too!  The meetup run is free and plan to do 1-4 miles.  At 9am there will be a yoga class at Yoga Heat!  Sign up to secure your spot!  Word on the street is there are 1600 ladies signed up for the half….400 more spots left!  There is still room in the 5K!

School is back in session tomorrow.  Amara is still up and it’s 9:50 pm.  The morning should be AWESOME.      Nobody likes to be thrown their normal routines.  Mine was due to illness this time around, but it will feel really great getting back on track.  I have to revamp my weekly exercise plans since I am running more often.  I need to figure out when to lift.  I am going to aim for 2 days a week of full body on the weeks that I am not teaching Cardio Sculpt in the early morning. So that will take some planning on my part. I might even have to write it down.    Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!  I don’t make resolutions for the most part.  I make mini goals along the way.  I also just strive to make the New Year better than the previous.  🙂   I would love to hear your goals/resolutions for 2013!!


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