Cough, Sneeze, Barf- Happy Holidays

Long time no see!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas ( or whatever you celebrate).  We’re sick.  There was a barfing incident a week ago.  Just once and I won’t say who did it. ( it wasn’t me).  Matt and I are suffering with chills, fevers, profuse sweating and exhaustion.  Awesome.  It won’t stop!!




I thought teaching 2 spin classes on Friday might help.  Nope.  I can’t say it made things worse, but I usually enjoy a nice exercise induced sweat session when getting over being sick.  Nope.   So then I had the bright idea to get up and run 6 miles on Saturday.  I still think it was a good idea though.  🙂  It was a nice recovery run ( I was recovering from teaching 2 spin classes??  My last workout before that was on the 24th)  It was a chilly 25 degrees outside, but I was not the least bit cold (just my hands as usual). I forgot I was under the weather when I was running- guess I should have stayed out on the road a while longer!  It was nice to zone out.  I actually felt pretty good the rest of the day…not 100% yet, but I think I will be there by mid-week.  Let’s hope!  🙂

I was hoping to run in the Resolution Run tomorrow, but it’s probably best I sit this one out.  I have never done this 4 mile race, so I guess I’m not missing out??  😉  There’s still time for YOU to participate though.  Race starts tomorrow at 3:30 pm sharp!  Late registration:   Monday December 31, 2011 at East Grand Rapids High School, 2211 Lake Dr, from 1:30pm until the race begins @ 3:30pm.

Happy New Year!!

Good news!  I’m an aunt again!  Lucas was born yesterday weighing just shy of 10 lbs.  I feel for my sister-in-law.  After hearing how much he weighed I was brought back in time when I had Miles; my just shy of 11 lbs baby.  It’s not an easy task, but well worth the pain and suffering……lots of pain.


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