Mom.Wife.Fitness.LIFE- Friday Feature

1.  Michelle Knight
2.  Grand Rapids MI
3. 4 kiddos  Aliesje is 11, Stephen is 9, Grayson is 4 and Clay is 2
4.  I have loved the outdoors since I was a kid.  I started running in 7th grade around the neighborhood with my sister who has been the very best running partner ever….I played Basketball in middle school and high school, and also ran track.  Then in college, I worked for the swim coach who got me excited about swimming, all the while still running.
5.  I find running and exercise to be my sanity in the middle of my stay-at-home-for-the-most-part days.  Exercise makes you clear headed and more focused, and it’s really true what they say about endorphins released.  Running makes me happy.
6.  My favorite type of exercise has to be the run.  But since 2007 I have done triathlon and I LOVE IT!!!  Also, this past year I became certified to be a spin instructor and work for a gym here in town.  I love helping other people be fit, and encouraging others on their fitness journey. 
7.  My kids see me exercise, and they have participated with me either while sitting in the double stroller or by riding their bikes alongside.  My daughter likes to run actually, and she and I do Girls on the Run together at her school. (I am a coach)
8.  Exercise is like breathing for me.  It’s not a question of being motivated to do it.  It’s something I need like daily nourishment.  
9.  And if I could offer anyone advice about motivation, just keep doing it, schedule it in to your day.  Get a friend to help you along, to hold you accountable.  Someone recently told me that he never feels bad AFTER he gets up early to workout, he only feels regret the days he DIDN’T get up to do it.  You only get positive results from working out!  And treat your body with care. I tell my kids it’s like caring for our cars (this is to simplify).  You don’t put more than what your tank can hold in your car, know when you are full.  You don’t put hay in your car, you put gas in it, otherwise it doesn’t run properly.   Likewise our bodies, putting the right stuff in makes us operate much more efficiently.   
Thanks Michelle!  I met the wonderful Michelle a few years ago in our local running club- RunGr.  She is such an awesome mommy athlete.  She is always positive and has a smile on her face.    🙂



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