-Week Recap and a workout-


Last week was a good one.  No workout on Sunday!  I work most Sundays, so it makes the perfect exercise day off for me.  Monday was unusual.  It was 63 degrees!  Totally normal for December in Michigan.  TRX full body workout at 5:30 am, 10 am Spin class it was a nice steep hill climbs with some short intervals included.  Later on at 6:30pm I ran with Gazelle Sports free run training group.  The Urban Herd meets at the GR store on most Monday’s.  All levels welcome!   🙂   We put in 5 miles this time.  It was a nice easy run, but MAN was it HOT!!  I was wearing capris and a t-shirt and I felt over dressed.  Crazy.  It was a good day.  Tuesday was a bit more low-key with a very easy elliptical session followed by 1.5 miles of hills and sprints on the treadmill.  Wednesday I taught Cardio Sculpt at 6:30am.  It was a good class ( I thought).  Circuits galore for maximum fat burning goodness.  I had the day off from teaching spin class due to a mandatory meeting.  I ended up hopping on the treadmill before the meeting for 3 quick miles and 15 minutes of incline walking.  I procrastinated A LOT on Thursday.  I was busy at home and forgot to go to the gym.   Ooooops.  I had to work at 3:00pm, and ended up popping in an Insanity DVD.  I only did 15 minutes of the Cardio Abs, and I stretched a lot too.  Better than nothing?!?!?   😉   Friday was another easy elliptical session + upper body tri sets and lower body plyos.

Upper Body Tri Sets & Lower Body Plyo Blast(pin)

I just made it up on the spot.  It only took 15 minutes!  I had to get home to get the kids off to school so the timing worked out perfectly.  Saturday was a nice run on the treadmill.  I know I said nice, but I had to be positive about it because I had to get up super early to run indoors.  Amara had an early basketball game and I could not recruit anyone (ahem-Mary) to run with me outside at 6:15am.     😉   Oh well, I still got my run on!  I was really trying to keep my HR up in an uncomfortable area.  I think I did it.  I also think that it was not that bad.  I felt fairly good actually.  Weird.  I finished my run with 5 minutes of walking lunges- about 65 per leg in that time.  Ouchy.  All in all it was a good week.  I was consistent with my goals (lifting and running) too!

Amara’s basketball team lost.  😦  The girls played well though.  There was already a big difference in their game from last week.  Amara was able to take a shot too!  She missed, but hey- I think it will build her confidence for next time.  Matt says she guards like me.  I don’t know what that means exactly, but I am sure he meant it as a compliment……   🙂


4 thoughts on “-Week Recap and a workout-

  1. The weather here last week was crazy! I couldn’t believe I was running in shorts and a tank on Monday and it was snowing when I ran on Saturday. Great workout you threw together – I might need to borrow parts of that (but not the plyo stuff – my old knees can’t handle it).

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