A 2 week recap………

No fancy schmancy clip art this time…..I will get back to that next week..  It has been a busy few weeks around these parts!  Just doing the same things plus about 87 other things on top.  That’s normal though.  Workouts have been ON and pretty amazing.  I am still on a tiny break from training from races and I am loving it.  I am still running a few times a week, but it’s no big deal if I only get one or 2 runs in.  No pressure.   I ran last Monday (3.5 miles) and Tuesday (treadmill intervals)  and Saturday (6.75 miles).  Not too bad.  I will take the rest of the month “off” and then start training again starting in January.  I signed up for The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon–  you should too.  It’s going to be AMAZING!!!  There is also the option for a 5k.  Women only- sorry fellas!  😉  The Half Marathon is being capped at 2,000 and it’s already at 1,000….get to it!!!!

I am all ready with my specific heart rate (HR) numbers to get going with my training.  It’s not going to be easy.  The good news is that my numbers have improved greatly since last year.  Like a lot.  The bad news is that my training is going to be really difficult!!!  Ugh.  I can do it though….I have to!  🙂  My breathing issues have been nonexistent for the past few months.  I have no idea what is going on.  I won’t question it though, I will just go with the flow for now.  I hope it stays this way for a loooong time.  I would love to run race a decent 25k this year ( that means that I won’t gasp for air and all that fun stuff).


That’s me before the test.  Lovely, huh?  I ran for about 10 to 11 minutes ( I forget) and ended up on a 12% incline.  It was rough, let me tell you.  I am glad I did it though.  I will start my new program on Jan. 2nd.  Wish me luck!

Amara and I are signed up to run the Whoville 5k on Dec. 16th.  Don’t think about signing up for it, because it’s closed! If you still want to be involved, they could always use volunteers.  🙂  It’s a fun time I have heard.



Did you have Crazy Hair Day  when you went to school??  With Amara’s “unique” hair, it’s fairly easy to make it look crazy.   She loved it.   🙂  I don’t need to post a picture of Miles’ crazy hair….it looked the same.   Ha!

Hopefully your December started on the right note.  Mine did!  We went to a wedding.  We had a blast.  It was basically a college reunion of sorts.  Lot’s of dancing and photo booth shenanigan’s were had.  Adults and a photo booth- who know it could induce such fun times and a lot of inappropriate images?!?!?!   🙂

Let me know the races on your list this year!


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