Week in review with some Yoga Heat thrown in…….

It was a great week filled with some pretty good workouts.  On Sunday  I was let out of work early ( not complaining) and I made the decision to get myself to the gym!  I didn’t really have a plan in mind, but I found myself on an elliptical for some interval fun.  I kept it moderately challenging with a 5 minute warm up followed by 1:1 intervals.  60 seconds hard effort followed by  60 seconds less effort.  My heart rate never got down to a real recovery, but that was ok with me.  I did a lot of these and a 3 minute cool-down   The whole workout lasted about 45 minutes.  Monday was Spin instruction and TRX.  We did some endurance styled intervals in class.  TRX was a Drew Brees workout.  It was hard.   I liked it a lot.     🙂    Tuesday-OFF.  Wednesday I taught Cardio Sculpt and Spin class.  Cardio Sculpt was a lot of cardio and sculpting done simultaneously.  The class had little recovery time while lifting-I made sure that their hear rates remained challenged for   a good part of the class.   Or maybe it was just mine?!?!  Spin class was a tough one.  We did some tough Tabata-like intervals.   I like the flow of this class…so much in fact that I did the same class in Spin on Friday.      😉     After Spin I felt like walking on the treadmill at an incline.  I mean, who doesn’t?!?!?  I walked for 15 minutes and then I actually stretched.    Thursday- Treadmill intervals!  I had fun.  Really.  1 mile warm up  My intervals were as follows:  30 second sprint followed by 30 second recovery jog (repeat)  60 seconds sprint followed by 60 seconds recovery jog (repeat)  I then repeated the whole thing again.  My cool down was a jog, incline jog/walk combo for 1 mile.  I ended with some dumb planks.   🙂     Friday spin class instruction.  Saturday I ran 7 miles with a 9:43 pace.  Lungs felt pretty damn great.  I also wore my new Mizuno Breath Thermo 1/2 Zip top that I mentioned in my Running Safety post.  I was skeptical, but I had to make sure it “worked”.   It “works” by changing your sweat into heat for overall warmth.  I felt the effects kick in at about mile 2.5.  It was really cool to feel myself getting warmer due to the top.  I did put a Nike vest on as well, but I am convinced that I did not need to wear it.  If you have been following my blog, you know that my hands have horrible circulation; especially in the winter.  I am defiantly going to buy the  Mizuno Breath Thermo fleece glove (hopefully) before next weekends long run.  They also make a pant with this same technology.  I really think Mizuno is onto something!       🙂

 Yoga Helps Every Athlete Thrive

After my run I quickly changed and  went a few miles away to a new yoga studio that was just opened by a friend of mine.  Yoga Heat  is power yoga at its finest!  I had a lot of fun.  Yoga has always been challenging for me and I think it’s been over a year (sad, I know) since I practiced yoga.  I hope I will be able to weave a class into my light schedule (haha) once a week starting NOW.  Check Yoga Heat out on Facebook too, to stay abreast of what’s going on!  Way to go Elizabeth–very proud of you!

A few months ago I mentioned that my kiddos were in a commercial.  We never did see that commercial– it was only the backs of their heads anyway, but still.  Haha!  Miles was asked to do another one a few weeks after that.  Well, I finally found it online last week.  Take a peek– it only takes 39 seconds.  I sent the link to Matt and he thought I was sending him a link to show how much the little boy in the commercial resembled Miles.  I then showed Miles the clip and he had NO IDEA it was himself.  Like father, like son I guess.   😉     It was a day after I found the link that the same company wanted Miles to come back to shoot another clip.  He refused.  We asked why and he said it was because Amara was not included.  What a sweetie!!!!    🙂     After he was assured that Amara would be fine, he agreed and off we went.  He got to miss half a day of school for “work”…haha! He had fun.   🙂

Amara has started basketball with 2 practices a week and a weekend game.  Games start in December.     🙂  Let the fun begin!  I hope you all had a good week!


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