November is National Running Safety Month

That’s right folks!  The clocks fell back and so did the sunlight! It’s time to be safe out there!!  Being highly visible to others while outside should be your number one safety priority.  If you are unable to get out there before darkness falls here are a few tips that will help to keep you safe.

Wear bright, reflective clothing, headlamps and glow in the dark items.  Doing so will make it much easier for drivers to see you.  I own this blinky light.  This Mizuno Breath ThermoPlus half zip  ( in hot pink- highly visible with reflection).  I love this!  And  The Saucony DryLete Sportop– it has a USB-LED light for added protection!  There is no way I can be missed with this stuff!

You might not ever need it, but that one time you will,make sure you have it with you–Carry a phone!!

Let someone know when you are leaving, the route you will take and when you are to return.

Or better yet, run with a buddy.  It can be a dog or a human.  No zombies though.     🙂

Carry your ID just in case. Your driver’s license will do.  Or perhaps a Road ID will suit your needs.

Running without music is a good safety measure.  If I am alone I run with 1 earbud in to compromise.

A race this week to practice your safety knowledge!  A nice 5k to kick off the start of the holiday season.  I wish I could say “see you there”, but I can’t- Boooo!   It’s the Yule Run, I’ll Walk 5k even though there will be over 1 million lights on display, there might be some dark spots-good thing you will be prepared…     🙂

Question: What are your must have safety products for being outdoors after dark?



4 thoughts on “November is National Running Safety Month

  1. I have a New Balance hat that has lights in the brim and I always try to wear reflective clothing. Normally, if I’m running really early in the morning, I try to run with a friend.

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