Hanging up the running shoes…

Long time no post…yeah, I’ve dropped the ball on the blog for way too long.  Marcia continues to faithfully posts, regardless of her crazy schedule…she is a better woman than I!  

I had been staying really busy up until about a week ago and things slowed down a bit (I don’t like slow!).  I continue to teach just as many classes (spinning and TRX) and am still personal training at 3 different gyms.  One big change however has been my running schedule…I have none!  I have been off from running for nearly 5 weeks now (although I did try to run an easy 3mi last week…didn’t go so well).  😦  I’m not good at this slowing down business, so this has been a challenge for me (to say the least).  I’m self disciplined when it comes to making sure I work out or train, but not so disciplined when it comes to resting.  My last race was the Reeds Lake Du and I was in pain for most of the race.  I of course, was ready to sign up for the next race.  BUT under the advisement (pressure) of a couple of friends, I decided a break was the way to go.  It’s funny, I know that a break is the best thing for me, yet it is still the LAST thing I want to do!  I have regained focus a bit and have been trying to be more disciplined in my strength training regiment.  I have always done well with lifting 3 days a week of upper body, but neglected my lower half (the legs always feel shot from spin class, cycling, and running).  I now have a really good routine going…on top of my cardio, I lift Mon, Wed, Fri upper body and Tues, Thurs, Sat. lower body and core.  I am loving it!  My legs were dead for a while, but they are starting to get used to the routine.  I will be back up and running very soon and I am sure the rest and the strength training will make a positive difference.  I would also like to think that taking the break from running is a sign of maturity…at least that what I tell myself.  😉

Anyone else have a hard time “taking steps backwards” in order to achieve those future gains?  



Hanging up the my pretty pink running shoes.  😦 …for now anyway.


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