Week in Review- It’s November!


Hey folks!  Happy November to you!   Can you believe that?  I can’t…..time flies.  Last week was a good week I think.

Sunday was a nice quick workout.  15 minutes on the elliptical plus some full body fun.  I used the pull up bar, 30″ box, and the Bosu and a medicine ball.  I did 3 sets of everything:  4 pull ups/7chin ups and 4 pull ups ( I was sore for days).  10 box jumps, 15 ball slams and 15 Bosu sit ups to stand ups.  This took me about 30 minutes to complete.  Short and sweet and effective.  🙂

Monday was the usual TRX at dark thirty in the morning and then Spin class instruction.  It was race day!  It was a good one.  😉    Tuesday was fun.  I ran.  On the treadmill and it was still fun.  Who knew.   I did some intervals.  An easy 1 mile warm up to start and then I did .25 miles “fast”. followed by .25 miles not so fast.  I just kept repeating this for a total of 3 miles and finished with a 1 mile cool down.   This was slightly invigorating.  Slightly.  It felt nice to run again.  I plan on easing back into my longer runs next month.  I hope to start base training in mid December or January.  Until then I will keep doing some intervals with a few shorter runs ( maybe) thrown in.  Wednesday was TRX and Spin again.  It was also Halloween!  Fun stuff.  the kids had a great time as a muscle ninja and a spider witch.  

I took Thursday off.  I was tired yo.  I planned on doing some easy cardio after work, but changed my mind.  Miles had rock climbing at the gym.  He was the only one in class, so the instructor let Amara join in too.  Friday- Spin instruction and a super quick upper body circuit.  Biceps, push-ups  lat pull downs and 1 arm rows.  3 sets of 10 for everything.  It was not what I really wanted to do, but I wanted/needed to lift in a small amount of time, so that’s what I came up with.    Saturday-  I had to work in the morning from 9:45am until 3 pm.  I could have gotten to the gym by 6 to get a nice long workout in, but I woke up at 6:15 am (ooops).  It was another short but effective workout.  25 minutes on the elliptical at a nice speed and incline.   I then went and did this:

1 minute each with 1 minute rest.  3 sets.

jump rope

ball slams

squat jumps/lung jumps/squat jumps

ball crunch/bosu sit ups to stand ups/bosu plank


It was pretty tough.  I was sucking wind, but it was good for me.  I hope you remembered to set your clocks back because Matt we didn’t and the kids were up waaaay too early.  Extra hour my butt!  That never happens if you have kids.   🙂


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