I am on a running strike!

Not really… haha!  I just didn’t run last week.  I should say I did not run for over 5 minutes last week.  I needed a break from it so I took it.  I don’t have any serious races planned *so far* for the rest of the year.  <——-So, that’s how last week went.  I am not super happy about having to take 2 days off in a row, but sometimes that has to happen ya know??  The best thing was that Matt wanted to workout in the early morning ( my usual time).  I gladly gave it up thinking that I might be able to run or something later that day.  Well, I was wrong.  He then went with my good giving mood and skipped town to go fishing for the night into the next day.  2 workouts gone and no sleep–waahhh!!.  I know I have it good, so I really am not complaining.  I just like to state facts. 🙂   I was not feeling lifting weights last week either.  But thankfully, I am ready again.  I did some fun workout today, but since I changed how I post my workouts; it will have to wait until another time. It did include box jumps though.       😉

The kids had their last soccer games of the season on Saturday.  Amara played her little sensitive heart out.  Where has she been all season??  It was fun to see her finally put some effort into her game.  She showed the missing confidence that she normally has while playing her guitar, singing or sewing.  She had her Game Face on  ( as her Uncle D. likes to say).

We are hoping to get Amara signed up for basketball next.  She is super intimidated by it, but I think I talked her into it.  I never played basketball ( ask Matt- I am sure he would love to tell you all about my skillzz on the court).  People assume I did because I’m black fast.  I was approached in high school to go to a basketball camp for free to learn the game, but I was a shy kid and thought that was a horrible idea.  I said no thanks to that.  I now wish my parents were a bit more pushy with me to just go for it.  But then I think back and wonder if I was just being stubborn.  I have always been that way, but I would rather blame my parents.  Yup, totally their fault, not mine.     🙂  While I think basketball might not be the sport for her, we just want her to try lots of stuff and then start weeding out things she does not like.  We are sure she will stick with her creative side: singing, playing the guitar, sewing and drawing.  Those are all things I want her to continue to do as well…as long as she wants to do them that is.  We are not sure what Miles will do next.  There are not too many after school options for 5 year olds at our YMCA.  Rock climbing and swimming.  He said no way to swimming already, although I think it would be good for him to keep doing that……   Now that winter is near 😦  I still want to learn to like the snow. I don’t mind running in the stuff, but besides that, I am a hermit in the winter and I don’t like it.  I would love to take snowboarding lessons or at least cross country ski.  I might tolerate the snow better if I find something fun to do in it.   I really don’t enjoy making snowmen either.  My poor kids, but they don’t complain too much ( at least not to my face).  They are cold blooded like me and tire of the snow quick.  Maybe it will be a mild winter.       🙂  October is almost over!!

Question:  How do you survive the winter months?


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