Grand Rapids Half Marathon recap…….

The rest of the week went well.  First part is recapped HERE.  That leaves us with Thursday – Sunday to talk about.  Thursday I probably should have taken off besides stretching and foam rolling.  Oops. I went on the elliptical for an easy 45 minutes.  I really should  have skipped it because I forgot reading material!  I was fine with listening to music, but I like to read one of my 100 magazines while I workout.  Foam rolling was pretty painful, but that was expected since I am out of practice.    😉   Friday was my Friday to teach Spin at 5:30 am.  My intention was to take it easy.  I did for the first 15 minutes, but I caught up in the participants enthusiasm ( all 6 of them!  haha), but it was fun and worth it.  Saturday- Grand Rapids Kids Marathon day.  Amara and I ran 1.2 miles together.  It’s basically a racing weekend.  There is a 5k and 10k and kids run on the day before the Grand Rapids Full and Half Marathons.  Such a great idea and event.  She did great!  It was so cool to see all the kids that racked up 25 miles over the past few months.  They completed a marathon by the end of the race.     🙂

Amara after the race and cuddling with Andi.

Sunday was the half marathon.  It was a GREAT day for a race.  It started out pretty chilly at 37*, but it warmed up.  I don’t know the final temperature, but it was comfortable.  I did wear my trusty gloves and hand warmers,but that’s standard for me in anything under 40* weather.  I felt relatively good for the first 5 miles and then things just felt heavy.  My legs started to feel like lead.  It was not cool.    😦    But, not much I could do about it now was there?  Nope.  I just kept running and listening to my music.

I repeated a few of the songs, but they are just THAT good.  I just had to hear them again.  Most of my race was spent singing out loud and not caring who heard me.  My apologies.   I kind of found my groove again around mile 10 or so.  It was the last half mile or so that my found my wheels again and really surged ahead.  Also, I was being chased.  My friend literally chased me into the finish.  It was funny, but also helpful.  😉  Now if I could only run the whole race as if I was being chased………

Miles and Andi clowning at the race….

My final time was 1:56:31.  I was really hoping to do better ( isn’t that always the case?), but I am by no means disappointed in my time.  This was my 4th time running a half marathon and my 2nd best time.  I’ll take it!GR HALF by marciagrajewski at Garmin Connect – Details.   The best news is that I had no trouble with my breathing.  I am still not going to think my breathing is fixed or cured, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

GR Half Marathon 2012

There are (2) half marathons next year that I am thinking about doing.  The Goundhog Marathon and the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon.  Fun stuff!

After the race my family went to Dairy Discovery at Swisslane Farms.  It was an experience!   We had so much fun.  I learned so much about cows.  I thought I knew a lot ( not really) about cows, but I was wrong.

It was a great learning day for the Grajewski’s.  Give them a call to take a tour so you can experience the ins and outs of a dairy farm.

I hope you all had a great week and if you had a race or did  ANYTHING fun, I would love to hear about it.


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