TRX, Spin, run, squat a lot, and spin again—this week so far.

How do you like the new look?  It might not be here for too long, but who knows.  Just trying out something new.  Ready for a change and I do like the layout ( for now).

Monday was TRX and spin class.  TRX was a B.  🙂  In a good way though.  It has been a while since I did it and while we took it easy; I could feel some soreness in my muscles on Monday night.  Check out what we did:  TRX Natalie Coughlin  Challenge  We did 10 sets of each exercise, 30 seconds each with a 15 second recovery between.  Ahhhh, it hurt so good.  Mondays spin ride was a loop.  I have been doing repeating loops for 2 weeks now…… I hope my class likes them!  I told them next week we will move on from the repeating interval class.   I guess.

I ran yesterday.  It was such a BEAUTIFUL day for it too.  I was, as usual overdressed.  In my own defense, it started out chilly and as the time passed, it heated up.   Oh well.  I will never learn. I ran a total of 5 miles. Miles 1 and 5 were my warm up and cool down miles.  the middle 3 were at a tempo pace.  I am not sure what my tempo is this year, as I only had 1 good race to.  I just ran without any real goal in mind, but I felt really good running.  I KNOW that I could have comfortably gone faster, but I held back because there was no need for all of that.  Breathing was awesome which is why my run was awesome.  I kinda need the whole breathing thing to be good to have a good run.  Funny how they just go together.  🙂           tuesday tempoish by marciagrajewski at Garmin Connect – Details.

We finally got a call from Miles’ teacher.  WE have been waiting for this day.  Not really, but it happened a lot later then we guessed.  Long story short—  Miles and a buddy were horsing around and pinching each other.  Miles pinched the kids butt, kid pinches Miles’ ummm, in a sensitive area that is not his butt.  Total opposite of his butt; if ya catch my drift.  The teacher was trying not to laugh as she told me.  I don’t blame her.  She did assure me that Miles is normally a good kid- very sweet and a good listener.  Whew.  Hopefully that will be the last time we get a call home.   😉

Wednesday was a busy teaching day.  Cardio Sculpt at 6am.  We did over 275 squat variations.  I warned them.  It was a lot of fun.  Really, they told me.  I am so sore already.   Spin was 4 hours later at 10.  Yep, repeating interval loop again.  It was totally different from Monday’s class.  I swear.

About to teach class…….

I am still undecided about tomorrows gym date.  I might take the day off and stretch and foam roll.  Or I might do light cardio and then all the stretching.  I will figure it out in the morning.  I hope everyone’s week is GREAT so far.  The weekend is almost here!!


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