October 7-13 Not a good week

I know.  Sad, ain’t it?   😦    It was a long week that is for sure.   First, I was not feeling well.  Usually, I am fine going about my normal routine when I have a cold.  I mean, I am a mother ya know.  There are no days off.  I don’t have any paid vacations or sick days. You just go on about your usual routine even when you should lay on on the couch and watch TV all day and recover.   🙂    It didn’t quite go down like that, but I was able to take it easy on Monday.  I had a sub for spin class.  I tried to nap, but that seems to never happen.  Oh well.   Tuesday, I had big plans to either run, or do some other form of cardio.  I was still feeling run down, so I decided to take it easy yet again.  By Wednesday I was feeling so much better.  I ended up teaching Cardio Sculpt ( I forgot to add it on the chart above) and my Spin class.  Man, that was hard.  My body likes 1 day off.  It even thanks me when I give it 2 days off in a row.    But, not being active (like AT ALL)for 4 days in a row, does not sit well with me.  I mean, I got through my classes just fine (duh), but while I doubt my actual fitness declined it kind of put me in a bad mood.  While I know the benefits of taking days off ( helps body to recover, build muscle, restoration of energy stores etc.) yadda, yadda, yadda.    Too many days off for me made me feel lethargic and kinda gross.  I think most of you active females can relate to what I’m talking about. 🙂     So why did I continue with my day off streak you ask??  I did run 4 miles on Thursday.  4 miles in way too much wind for any sane person to run through.  I probably should have sat that one out.  It was an ugly run.  So that leaves us with Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  3 more days off in a row.  Yup.  Booo!  So let’s see, I have to add that Matt was gone from Thursday night until Sunday night. That made it quite difficult for me to be in my normal exercise routine because I think it would be illegal wrong to leave my kids alone at home in the mornings.  I mean, they would have been OK, and I would have been back before they even woke up.    😉     Saturday was soccer day. One kid had a 9 am game and the other had a 3 pm game.  I planned on running between games.  I mean, I had 6 hours to FIND the time.  Well, Miles’ game was played in a torrential downpour.  By the time it was over the kids and I were frozen and water logged.  We stopped at Tim Horton’s for celebratory hot chocolates ( yay, mom is the best), and then headed home to get warm.  Amara’s game was canceled by 11:30am.  I had plans to get my run in before her game.  So of course since there was no game, there could be no run.  That’s how that it works, right? No need to explain how Sunday went down.  I didn’t work out.  End of story.  I forgot the whole point of where I was going with this, but I don’t like how this week went.  Yes, I was sick for a few days,but not THAT sick. The good news is, I didn’t blow up or combust or anything weird like that.   🙂     I feel best taking 1 or 2 days off a week depending on what I did or how hard my training was that particular week.  It also effects my MENTAL health.  I am a better mom ( ask my kids) a better wife ( do NOT ask my husband) and a better, happier person in general when I get my endorphin’s flowing.  So let’s all hope I won’t pull any of these shenanigan’s for a long time.  Or at least come up with some better excuses.      🙂


How was your week?


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