Saturday Long Run

Another great autumn run! I set out today planning on running 9 miles. That was realistic for me even though my plan had me doing 12. The kids like to take up MY Saturday mornings now with soccer games. 🙂 the first game started at 9am, and even though I typically run at 7am, I was not in the mood to get up at 5:30 am today. So I didn’t. I slept in until 7:15! Ahhhh! It felt glorious. Amara played soccer at 9am, they lost. She had fun though. No tears this week either. *Last week she took a soccer ball to the gut and got the wind knocked out of her!* I was already dressed to run, but started my run at 10:15. I felt great for the first few feet. This is unusual for me. The first mile is almost always my worst. It was weird today. I felt great from the jump! I still only planned on running 9 because I wanted to make it back for Miles’ 12 noon t the soccer game. I wanted to be changed and get some food in my belly too. I turned around at almost 5 miles in. By now I figured I would run 10. My pace was great too. I had several sub 9 minute miles in already. I was a little nervous that I would fizzle out before too long though. But ya know what?? I didn’t! What the what?? 🙂 The air was crisp, the leaves were crunching underneath my feet, my music was playing ALL my jams and every person on the path I ran on looked happy! When I got back to the YMCA soccer fields, I still had about 30 minutes before game time. So I did what any able-bodied runner would do. I ran some more. 3 miles more through a strange neighborhood. Somehow I did not get lost. I made it out and completed 11 miles. Changed my clothes and missed the first 5 minutes of the game. I missed Miles scoring a goal in the first 30 seconds. Dang! He was on fire today. It must be because he turned 5 today. 🙂 Today was a great day all around. We celebrated Matt’s 34th birthday as well.

Love him!

My boys are growing up. 😉  Don’t be jealous of this amazing 4 layer cake with caramel frosting made by a dear friend.  Ok, you can be jealous.  Actually, you should be.  It was delicious!  
When was your last awesome workout?

11 miles by marciagrajewski at Garmin Connect – Details.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Long Run

  1. Awesome run – you totally earned some of that cake! I managed to run 12 miles yesterday afternoon. It was so hard to get out the door at 1 pm for a run I knew would take nearly 2.5 hours, but I’m glad I did it. Kent trail by my house was on fire with color. I ran without a watch & just enjoyed my music & the scenery.

    • Don’t you just love those days when it all just comes together??!! 🙂 I was on the White Pine Trail by the Wolverine YMCA in Belmont. I have not gone for a watchless run in ages, but I am getting better at not looking at my watch ALL THE TIME. Yesterday, I looked at it every 10 songs and seemed to be a great method for me. I ran by feel for the most part. Thanks for the comment Bari and GREAT JOB to you!

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