What’s been happening and a Race Recap ( Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run) AKA: The Bridge Run.

So school is back in session!  It has been for about 2 weeks now. The first day of school my baby boy did not give me a hug or a kiss goodbye.  He said ” I don’t need to do that”.  Well excuuuuse me!!!  We weren’t even at school.  We were in our living room.  In his defense ( ha)  I think he was just so excited to get away from me to school that he didn’t want to waste anymore time with hugs and kisses.  On the second day of school he gave me two hugs and two kiss – I didn’t even have to ask.  He’s doing really well.  He loves school so far.  Whew!  Week two has caught up with him though.  He is kinda crabby.  I am not sure we have seen Miles crabby for more than 30 seconds at a time.  We are not used to this.  Earlier bed time has helped a bit, but time will tell.    🙂    Amara is doing well too.  3rd grade is a big deal.  It’s kind of like 2nd grade, but with cursive and fractions.  Both kids also started soccer last week.  Amara had her first game on Saturday.  We won’t talk about her kicking the ball towards the wrong goal twice.  No matter.  The girl knows how to have a good time!

1st Day of School

After a crabby car ride home, Miles got sent to his room…. Kindergarten is ROUGH! 🙂  

I did not keep an exercise chart for the past 2 weeks update ( that I never updated).  Oops.  I am pretty sure I worked out though.  😉  last week

I taught 3 spin classes

1 Cardio Sculpt class

1 elliptical session

Ran speed on the treadmill ( 3.5 miles worth)

2 days off and

I raced today!  Notice the exclamation point.  🙂    I had no expectations going into today’s 10 mile Bridge Run.  I really didn’t.  I got a free entry because I am apart of RunGr.  So, why not?  It was a perfect morning.  The race started at 8:03am (ha) and it was in the low 50’s.  I am glad I wore a tank top and left the arm warmers behind.  I felt REALLY GREAT practically the whole race.  My allergies are on high alert right now, but I was medicated and inhaled and that’s all I can do about that.  I did not have any major vocal cord dysfunction malfunctions either.  At around mile 6 or so I felt a little discomfort, but it subsided with some POSITIVE ( go figure) self-talk.  I didn’t swear at myself or anything.  Honest. I was freaking myself out because I was running sub 9 minute miles with ease.  I didn’t want to get all cocky and push it too fast, so I didn’t.  I just enjoyed the beautiful scenery and my music.  I had about 2 miles or so to go when I saw Andi on the Blue Walk Bridge.

I was feeling great. Can ya tell?!??!

I decided probably a half mile later that I would push a bit harder and maybe pass some people.  I figured it was OK to tank close to the end, but I also knew that I would never allow that to happen.  Duh.  There was this really annoying woman running with me for at least 4 miles.  She never passed me (well, maybe once), but she decided to stay with me as in on my heels for way too long.  I only upped my pace a little and then I never saw her again.  Good!  Unfortunately, a few women did pass me.  Fortunately, I got angry and sprinted the last 150 meters to the finish line and passed 2 of them at the tape line.  I am sure my picture at the finish line will be the ugliest yet. I later fond out that one of the ladies I passed was in my age group and I beat her by .03 of a second.   Whooops!  😉    This race was certainly a confidence booster for me.  I just hope it wasn’t a fluke.  I also need to go into my next race ( next week??) with the same attitude as today and hopefully a bit more hydrated.  Yikes!  My official time was 1:24:53 – that’s an 8:29 pace.  I am not sure of the last time I ran 2 consecutive miles at that pace.  For real!!!  * Updated to brag add that my last mile was 7:23 pace!  *

My other job is going well.  I am learning more and more every time I am there.  I am also wanting to buy more and more things from Gazelle Sports.   There is something new there  everyday it seems.  The boots are starting to come in too.  This might be the year that I get a pair of actually winter boots.  The downfall of that is that I will be expected to play in the snow with the kids.  I hate winter.  With a passion.  But, if it means that I can get some cute (ish) winter boots then I might suffer through freezing fingers.  I guess.  Behold the BOG boot.

Thoughts on this boot. Are they any good at keeping feet warm and dry?  Are they only good as rain boots?    I like them.  I think.      🙂      It comes in grey as well.  And there is a black one with green accents. I am undecided on which color I like the best.   I see these every time I work.  They taunt me.  A lot of the items in the store taunt me though.  Jerks.      🙂   I hope you all had a fine 2 weeks.


4 thoughts on “What’s been happening and a Race Recap ( Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run) AKA: The Bridge Run.

  1. I love reading your blog! Now entering the world of being a mom and sticking with fitness and not forgetting about being a wife your blog is great. So fun to see you out at the run – we should find time to run together one day soon!

  2. Way to go at the Bridge Run! That race last year was my best paced race ever. I loved it. No way I was ready to run it this year (I could’ve done the 5k but I needed at least 6 miles this weekend). Next year I hope to dominate like you did 🙂

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