1 more sleep until party time ( I mean, until school starts).

As much as I tried to make this week a bit easier in terms of exercise I think I failed with the Thursday shenanigans.  It basically “made up” for my planned days off of activity!  What can I say? I subbed classes when I could all summer to make an extra buck.  It all worked out ok in the end.  I was extremely tired all day Friday ( first class started at 5:45am sharp). and was still tired well into Saturday.  Thank goodness for naps!

This picture makes me laugh….I look like a statue. That’s what 5:30am looks like…… 🙂

Besides that, my week was pretty ok.  I did not lift weights intentionally all week-long to give the body a break until I taught on Friday.  I was super sore from that! My first run in over a week was on Saturday.  It went well considering the weather was kinda humid and that I had ( and still am) off of my prescription meds for allergies.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I decided to shoot for the 10 miles.  I think it was a good thing Andi and I did not discuss how many miles we were going to run, but for some odd reason she thought we were going to run 6.  As if.  😉  We both made it out alive!

I am 98% sure that I won’t be doing the Reed’s Lake Duathlon.  It stinks, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money on something that I have not been training for.  Sometimes I can, but I have never done this race before so I don’t have any great ( or not so great ) memories from it yet.  I hope to go and watch and to also cheer on my favorite Tough Chik Andi.   I have a lot of other buddies doing the triathlon that day and it’s always fun to cheer them on and be supportive.

School starts tomorrow.  The week was filled with trips to school to meet teachers and trips to the stores to get school supplies.  Miles only needs 3 supplies ( beach towel- surfer dude, lunch box-Angry Birds and a backpack-red) so that’s nice.  I had to make a big deal out of all of these things though.  It was pretty exciting for him to choose what he wanted.  Amara on the other-hand needs more stuff than that.  And it takes a lot little longer for her to decided on the perfect pencil holder and markers.  Oh boy.   Just pick one will ya!?!?!?   😉  Ever since Miles met his kindergarten teacher he has been counting down the days until he can see her. (whatever dude..I carried you for 9 months- I may have said this to him and he probably cracked up)  This is good news.  I think.  It’s great news.  I am thinking that he won’t be a crying mess in the morning.  I know I won’t either.  I will be happy, sad and excited all at the same time.  I just can’t believe he is in school already.  All day.  Amara was the same way though.  She was ready to leave home at 2 years old if I remember correctly.  I am picking up hours at Gazelle Sports, but not tomorrow.  I am not sure what I will do with myself tomorrow, but I better figure it out.   16 hours until school starts!

I hope everyone had a great August!  Happy Labor Day and Happy September to you all


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