August Foodie Penpal Reveal

So I decided to try this out!  It was fun!  I was matched up with Kim at Hungry Healthy Girl.     She shipped me a lot of yummy goodness!!  She also kept my kids in mind with her food choices which was great and they appreciated it as well!

Box of snacks!

Everything in the box was new to me, except for the Salt and Pepper Pistachios!  I discovered those just a few short weeks before receiving this package.  They are so so so so delicious.  You have to to try them!!    I was curious about the Whonu “healthy” cookies as well.  They taste like  Oreo’s ( which is not a bad thing- I love Oreo s).  My kids were all over those.  There were 2 cookies to a serving at 130 calories though!!   I mean, that did not stop me from eating them 4 at a time, but still, I was surprised. They fiber content was 3g per serving which I guess is high?  🙂   I would probably not buy these, but am glad I got the chance to taste them!    I received several granola bars and bags of trail mixes!  Yum!!

I received 3 different flavors of Good n Natural bars.  I liked 2 out of the 3 flavors.  Chocolate  ( duh) and Cherry Almond were good, but Peanut Butter was not.  I could not even finish it!   I can and will eat almost anything, so yea, not great!   😉    I am glad I got to participate in this fun little food exchange.  If you want to  ( you don’t have to have a blog either) go on over to The Lean Green Bean and sign up!  I probably won’t do this again this next month, but perhaps I will in Oct.


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