Weekly Check in


Last week.  It was busy but not too horrible.  I took Thursday off, but forgot to document it.   I also taught Total Body Sculpt on Friday..OH and I did NOT run on Saturday.  I had a lighter workout on the elliptical instead.  Matt was off doing stuff on a golf course so I was unable to run at my usual time.  It’s all good though.  Last week seems so far away.  It’s been busy around here getting ready for school and all that nonsense.  Besides that minor derailment, it was a pretty good week.  I was so glad to be able to get on my bike and ride.  It was mostly unplanned, but the weather was perfect and I had to take advantage of it.   When I post up this weeks workouts I think you will see that I decided to take it easy.  It’s been a while since I have taken it very easy.  I figure now it a good time for that with school starting next Tuesday.  I will have a more structured workout plan life since everything will be on a time table and not the summer schedule.  It’s time to get it back in gear. I hope to come up with a master plan that works around school and my new work schedule ( yikes).  I won’t be working at Gazelle Sports that much, but it will be more than my 6 hours a week that I do now!    🙂    I am seeing a lot of early morning workouts in my future!  I must be home by 7:15am most mornings to help the kids get ready for school.  Time to try to get organized again.  I do alright for about 2 weeks and then the REAL me comes out.  Disorganized and disorderly.  Hey, it works.  I still get stuff done.      😉

There is a duathlon on Sept. 8th, but I am not sure I will do it.  I know, I know.  Pretty lame. I     was all pumped up about getting on my bike and getting better after the Tri Del Sol last month, but I think I have been on my bike 2 maybe 3 times since the race.  Oops.  I am pretty sure in order to become a better cyclist one must cycle.  Makes sense I guess.  I can sign up at the last minute as usual if I decide to just go for it. I am already signed up to run the 10 mile Bridge Run on Sept. 16th.  Are you??? They also have a 5k run and walk. I did the 10 miler a few years ago (2009 when I was sorta fast…..) and from what I remember it was a great race and course.       🙂

Bridge Run 2009!

Ok, time to go!  I hope you all had a great week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Check in

  1. I was planning to do the Reeds Lake tri, but I know I’m not ready so I’ve bagged that idea for this year. I’m not planning to do the bridge run either – at least not the 10 mile. Not sure I want to spend that much money for a 5k.

    • I hear ya Bari! I feel the same way. I get a free entry for the race due to my affiliation with RunGr as well as Gazelle Sports. I have to pick and choose my races wisely every year too. It can be SOOO expensive. Do you have any races planned for the rest of this year?

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