Great running weather in my new shoes.


August 12-18

It was an active week for me. Good stuff!  The weather is still treating me well!  All of the running I did last week was successful.  My 3 mile run on Wednesday felt awesome in the low 60 weather.

How nice isTina from Best Body Fitness??  Nice enough to send me her barely worn shoes because they are the same ones I wear!  Such a sweet heart!!

My 12 mile run on Saturday was awesome as well.

It started off in the low 50’s at 7am.  That was NICE!!  I ran with an average time of 9:27 per mile.  My HR average was 147.  So, in conclusion…the hot, humid and hazy weather really messes with me!  If there was major humidity or temps I am sure I would have been well into 10 minutes per mile easily and don’t get me started on my HR.  It would have been higher as well.  If the weather was like this year round, I would be happy!

My new Mizuno Wave Elixir 7! A perk of working at a running shoe specialty store. Sometimes the shoe reps like to give us stuff! Awesome job, and an awesome shoe! A nice surprise!

Thanks to Tina and the Mizuno rep, I am able to rotate my shoes!!!  I am kinda excited about that……   🙂

After my 12 miler I rushed home to get to my first Piloxing class!!  It was taught by a good friend Brandi of Artistic Grace.  What is Piloxing??  It’s a high energy group fitness class that fuses, pilates, dance and boxing all in one!  It was a lot of FUN!!  Brandi is a high energy instructor with tons of personality.  She is truly one of the most genuine people I know.  I have known her for well over 10 years now!  If you are in the area you should really check this class out, or take a peek at her class schedule and see what else might work for you!  If you are not in the area, you should look up a Piloxing studio near you and give it a try!

Amara is in training for the Grand Rapids Kids Marathon.  She has to run 25 miles between now and Oct. 9, and on Oct. 10th she will run in a 1.2 mile race to get her “marathon” status.   🙂      She has about 3 miles in now.  She ran 1 mile on the track after taking a Zumbatonic class over the weekend.  I was on the sidelines counting laps and cheering her on.

My kids were “extras” in a commercial last week and each received some money.  I let them spend it as they wanted.  Amara bought all clothes!  Whose kid is this?!?!  Miles bought games.  Ha.  Here is one of the shirts my Fashionista bought

Holla Back Girl!

It’s from Gwen Stefani’s ( No Doubt) clothing line – Harajuku Mini.  Check out those sleeves!  She could not wait to wear this ensemble.  Oh, she bought arm sleeves with sequins, a messenger bag with a sparkly peace sign and another top.  🙂   She is so ready for 3rd grade.

Just a few more weeks until school starts.      🙂   😦   😉   Still not sure how I feel about that!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Just a pic of my guys at the Fish Ladder.


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