The last 2 weeks……


I guess there really is not any explanation needed for the past 2 weeks of workouts! It’s all right there…..   🙂   I will add that I have been loving the cooler temperatures for running.  I probably mentioned that in my last post, but it’s true!  Unfortunately, my riding has been less than awesome.  Nearly non-existent.  I am lucky to get some time on my bike once a week.  In fact, I am dressed RIGHT NOW to go and ride, but the sun comes up later than I thought; and I had to be home soon after that…Boooo!  So basically, I have been awake for way too long in my padded shorts.  I have tried to go out out and ride at least twice before today but the weather was questionable.  SO this is my 3rd time being dressed and ready to ride, with no luck.

The above picture might need more explaining though.  The first picture is of the Grand River.  We all went down there to feed the carp some stale bread.  On the way there we stopped for kettle corn at Dorothy and Tony’s Kettle Corn Company.  It has been a long time since I had any and it’s a shame.  It is so good!!  The 3rd picture is of the kids- notice how Amara is sticking close to “shore” and Miles is on the dangerous jagged rocks on his way out to sea???  Ugh.  I can’t help but to be nervous around that kid.  Of course he was fine and didn’t even come that close to getting in the river.  It was a fun impromptu evening.

We have been busy with the end of summer getting closer.  I am happy about it.  I like it when the seasons change.  Just as I start to get bored with a season, it’s on to the next.  Well, except for winter that seems to hang around way to long for my liking.  😉   The kids were able to spend some time (without us) at their grandparents house  last week.  They had a ton of fun as usual.  They both experienced their first carnival.  I am not sad that I missed that “first”.  I am not a fan of carnival rides -they go too fast and too high.  Amara liked the slower rides that stay close to ground but was brave enough to try out a not so slow ride-The Pirate Ship:  

There were tears on this one.  She takes after me there.  I have shed a tear or 2 on rides in my lifetime.  I was laughing the whole time, but still; those were tears of terror!!!  Miles on the other-hand..yep- takes after Matt.  That figures!  🙂

Matt has been busy this summer fishing for some big fish. Muskies and an ugly thing called a Gar.  I don’t even know if that’s how you spell it. He’s sleeping at the moment so I won’t ask him.   He has also been a fly tying fool this summer.  He comes up with some very interesting looking flies. He keeps telling me that fish like them, so I will take his word for it.  😉

I hope everyone is enjoying August!


2 thoughts on “The last 2 weeks……

  1. Love that picture from the fish ladder! I’ve only been by there once this summer & it was running by during one of the downtown beer runs.

    I’m with you & your girl on carnival rides – I hate anything that spins or just goes back & forth. But roller coasters on the other hand? LOVE THEM. I’ll ride the highest, fastest, most inversions rides at cedar point and love every second of it.

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