Hey muscles, nice to feel you again!

Last week at a glance:

Last week was my first time instructing Total Body Sculpt.  Well, I have basically taught that class before, but under a different name ( Totally Toned).  It was a lot of fun, and I was really sore from it for 2 days straight.  Lame.  Actually, it was great, because it is encouraging me to get back at lifting consistently again.  I teach Total Body Sculpt twice this week and am a little excited. I mentioned to my friend that I don’t lift like I used to and she asked how my arms still looked like I did.  Hmmm, good question was my response. I thought about it for a minute and I figure that I do TRX at least once a week and “lift” enough in other classes that I am able to maintain some sort of tone?  I also gave credit to luck and genetics.    😉     Upon further thought I forgot about maintaining a lifestyle that keeps me on the leaner side and there is that thing called Muscle Memory.  What’s that you ask? The short answer is it is more commonly described as the muscles’ ability to adapt and then stagnate under the same repetitive conditions.  ( If you would like the long version- ask Andi)    🙂     Just kidding!  I am so glad to have her back here!!    Anyway, my muscles remember that I used to lift and they bounce back after I get back into it again. When I was younger between pregnancies I found this to be true.  While pregnant with Amara I only lifted up to my 6th month or so and after I had her I had string beans for arms and I hated it. I had lifted consistently since I was 18 years old and stopping for 4 months really confused my arms I guess.  It took some patience and effort, but I was back lifting 4 weeks after I had her and a few short weeks ( 6 ish) I could see some definite progress.  Now, while pregnant with Miles I lifted almost the whole time ( maybe that’s why he was 11 lbs??  noted.) consistently- 2 to 3 times a week.  I lowered the weight of my dumbbells, but I was still making an effort.  Even taking 6 -8 weeks to get back into it I did not have spaghetti arms and my body responded pretty well.  So, I am not sure if any of that made since or was even relevant, but in a nutshell – lift weights consistently.     😉

I also hit my goal of foam rolling and stretching for 10 minutes each three times last week. This was great for me and I hope that I continue with this for a while.  Foam rolling hurts and so does stretching.  Andi and I were discussing that those are 2 things we both neglect.  As in even after a marathon we don’t stretch.  We probably said something like ” stretching is lame!” and we took it back.  It’s essential and necessary.

Saturday was my long run day.  I am training for hopefully another duathlon, a 10 mile race and a half marathon this fall.  I am so glad that’s as far as I am running!  My long run was 8 miles.  Ahhhhh!  The weahter was in the 60’s when we started at 7am and my lungs were happy!  Once again, we ran up some hills.  Ha.  I survived.  My pace was around 9:40 a mile which is great for this girl these days.  I hope that every Saturday for the rest of the summer the temperature is in the 60’s at 7am!

Fashionista! Amara made an apron out of an old sheet and some old leggings.

The kids are doing well!  Swim lessons are over and Amara was advanced to the next level. Miles will redo the same level, but he made such progress from last year. No screaming, freaking out or screaming ( did I mention that already??).  We might wait until school starts to sign them up for anything else.

Miles needs to be put back in swim for sure, but we also wanted both kids involved in some kind of team sport this year.

On Saturday after I ran and Matt and the kids worked out at the gym we headed to lunch at Bartertown Diner.  It is a vegan, vegetarian and raw eatery.  Confession- Matt and I went there for dinner on Friday night.  We wanted to go back because we knew they would love it.  They have $2 tacos that are delicious!  The kids loved them. They consisted of tofu,  black beans, brown rice and heirloom tomatoes and warm homemade tortillas.  Both of my kids are not fans of plain tomatoes, but they were both picking these just farm fresh ones and eating them like candy.      🙂      They have a standard menu, but add some things on a daily basis according to what the local farms drop off.  Pretty cool.  Go there if you can even if you think you only like meaty dishes.  After lunch the kids rode bikes until Amara wiped out and scraped up her knee.  I still can’t believe she didn’t cry.  Girl cries over everything…     😉      After she was bandaged up I took her to a Zumbatonic class at the YMCA.  It’s Zumba for kids!  She loved it!!

Her day of activity just kept going!  We all headed down to The Magic Of the Mile to spectate.  There was a kids race and at the last minute we were able to get Amara signed up for the 400m  race.

She was super nervous as she always is before a race. I was a bit nervous too.    🙂      She had a great race!  Her goal was to beat pass two boys.  I think she did so she was happy with the outcome.  She is turning into a mini-me doing too much a lot of activity in one day.  I think hers was more well rounded though.  I could learn a thing or two!

Random —  One of Matt’s pet peeves is when ( which is often) I leave small wrappers or things ( gum wrappers, milk lids etc) laying on the counter.  He has told me time and time again, but has come to realize it might take years of therapy for me to get better…. He is getting better at just throwing them away himself (  I will eventually do it, but usually it’s not fast enough for him)  This leads me to my pet peeve ( I figured I would mention his first to make me seem like a nice wife person..)  is when Matt someone takes the garbage bag out of the garbage can and does not replace it right away( or ever)….  the kids don’t look and throw all sorts of gross things ( ahem-GARBAGE) in the unbagged can.Now that I think about it, I am positive this is why I leave things on the counter…I don’t want to throw them away in the can without a bag!        🙂

What’s your pet peeve? 


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