She’s Back…

Well, I have been MIA since spring and it’s about time I jump back in (with a long post…sorry!).  Life has been a little crazy and has thrown some unexpected curve balls.  If I were to have a theme song for life, it would be “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia.  Unfortunately, although the thought of being made of Titanium is a nice idea, I have discovered, it is not so true of me.  :-/

Since my last blog post, I have been up to a lot of the same old stuff…teaching classes, personal training, running, biking, lifting, TRX, softball and some climbing (only a few times this summer after taking a number of years off).  I’ve had a couple of races that have not gone so well and a couple that I can say I am mostly satisfied with.  (I can’t fully commit to being 100% satisfied with them, but they have been good compared to my other races this year…and that is a nice feeling for a change) 🙂  My two most recent races were duathalons (run, bike, run).  The first was the Grand Haven Du and I was pretty anxious about it.  The last Du that I competed in (last summer), I ended up in Urgent Care and I hadn’t competed in one since.  Grand Haven was a 5k run, 20k bike, 5k run.  I did really well in the first run and was excited to really pull away on the bike (the bike is always my strongest leg).  Not sure what happened on the bike exactly, but I had a hard time.  I was cramping some and what killed my time the most, was that I was really struggling to focus.  Given the struggle on the bike, I knew I had to stay steady in my second run…and for the most part I did.  I didn’t have an awesome time for the second run, but it wasn’t terrible either.  It was enough to get me first in my age group.  I physically felt pretty good after the race and was happy to be back at it with the Du’s.

Grand Haven DU

A little side note on the Grand Haven DU:  I had some friends from GR that did the tri relay and won 2nd place.  They weren’t able to stay for the awards ceremony, so they asked if I would stay and get their award…Gee, would I mind going up to receive a trophy?…Duh!  After I agreed to receive their award, I learned the name of their relay team…”menage a tri”.  You have no idea the embarrassment I felt as the announcer announced that name (and of course he had a few awkward comments to make just before announcing it).  I scurried up to get the trophy and tried not to make eye contact with anyone in the crowd.  🙂  Curt, Elsa, and Michelle…you owe me one!  😉

My most recent race was Tri Del Sol.  I missed this race last year because of a vacation and this year, I left vacation early so I could do the race.  Unfortunately, I was pretty ill-prepared for it…I hadn’t eaten much in the days before the race (had lost my appetite for a few days…bad timing!) and I was INCREDIBLY low on sleep.  I had seen my Dr. the day before the race and had gotten a lecture on taking it easy.  I fully intended to ignore this advice, until he stopped and made me make eye contact with him and he repeated his little lecture…Way to ruin my race!  Haha!   I had done Grand Haven by myself, so it was great to have my partner in crime (Marcia) with me for this one.  My first run went pretty well…I didn’t push too hard, felt good, and had a decent time.  My bike however, was a struggle again…What the heck!  I lacked focus and had to scale back at times.  On to the last run (a miserable 4.5mi), which is where I tanked.  Fortunately, I had a few guys around me that pushed me through it (I love when fellow runners do this in races!).  I stayed close to a guy named Todd and we kept each other going.  I was surprised that I actually had a decent time for that last leg…it was a big struggle!  I ended up 2nd in my age group and was ok with that until I learned that I was 43 secs away from 1st!…my obsessive self of course, went a little cray, cray after learning that.  I wanted a “do over” on the bike!  No “do overs” allowed.  Who knows though what would have happened had I pushed a little more…  The highlight of my race was definitely the finish…I had a girl pass me in the last .5 miles.  I let her pull away a bit and then hauled ass to catch her on the final stretch. I beat her by a step or two, right at the finish.  The crowd was cheering for me to catch her and it was a pretty exciting finish.  The announcer got really into it and announced, “What a finish!  Ladies and gentlemen, that was Andi Gilbert of Grand Rapids!”  The guys that had pushed me through my final run were there at the finish to give high-fives and hugs.  It was a fun finish!

Post Race

In other athletic news…My softball season is going well and I’m having a lot of fun with my team.  The East Side Sluggers are having a strong season.  I had 3 goals for myself this season:  1.  Not to be too hard on myself. (This is a difficult one for me)  2.  Not to swear as much as last season (an easy goal to achieve…I swore a LOT last season).  🙂  3.  Not to slide or dive and scar up my legs anymore than they already are from sliding and diving (I have had only 2 occasions where I have ended up bloody and they weren’t as bad as seasons past).  I have been a hitting machine this season!  I have hit 5 home runs so far and this past week I hit for the cycle (single, double, triple, home run)!  I credit my hitting success to my TRX workouts.  Seriously, it has little to do with some sort of increase in talent/ability and everything to do with added strength from TRX (especially in my core).  I LOVE TRX!

In my softball garb

Happy to be climbing again! 🙂


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