Fueling for a duathlon

I received this question from a few of you reguarding my fuel for the duathlon.  2 mile run, 18.7 mile bike and 4.5 mile run.

Breakfast 6:00 am – Advocare Meal replacement shake ( great ratio of carbs and protein)   Made with 4 oz. coconut milk and 4 oz. water and ice

.16 oz. of water and Rehydrate made with 8oz. of water

7am 02 Gold  more water  ( this is the new improved version, which I did not use.  I can’t wait to try it though).

7:30am – Arginine Extreme

8am race started.

After my run I had a few sips of  Spark ( made with coconut water)

Bike:  I had my water bottle filled with Spark and coconut water that I drank during the bike portion.   About 8-10 miles in I tried to eat a mini Cliff Builder Bar.  I say tried, because it was just too dry – I actually dry heaved a few times ( I never dry heave, so it was annoying). I only ate half of the already small bar.  I don’t think I do well eating whole foods during events…..

At about Mile12 or 13 I took 3 Catalyst.  More spark as well.

At mile 15 I took half of a Slam and I finished the rest by mile 18.

On to the final run.   I had my own water bottle as I ran.  I had Rehyrdate made with coconut water in it.  I drank as needed.  I also had a Rehydrate Gel with me, but never took it.  I did forget that I had it with me, but I think I would have remembered if I felt that it was needed.

After the race I finished my Rehydrate and coconut water.  Had some grapes and a bottle of water.  I should have been starving, but it’s rare that I can eat a lot right after a race.

So there ya have it.  I know that the weather had a positive effect on how I did at this race, but I think how I fueled did as well.  I never felt low on energy.  If you have any questions on my fueling methods, don’t hesitate to ask me.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Fueling for a duathlon

  1. I’m an AdvoCare distributor too! Great products! I was just thinking this week while swimming that I needed to get some O2 Gold. I always used it before but it fell off my radar with the influx of so many great new products and I am noticing its abscence! I’m struggling catching my breath on the swim and I know that makes a huge difference!

    Also, I use A LOT of the Rehydrate Gel. It works really well for me and my sensative tummy. I probably use it the most while biking just because of the seat time. Love it!

    Great job!

    • Awesome! Thanks!! I LOVE the gel. It’s refreshing and goes down a lot easier than the other gels I used to use. I really like their performance line of products. I can’t wait to try all the new stuff! 😉 Thanks for the comment!

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