Tri Del Sol Race Recap

Last week at a glance:

Happy to report that I did at least 100 squats 3 times last week.  Only one day was body weight only.  The closer my race got, the less weight I used.  Or something like that.  Anyway I am figuring out what this week will be so I can start tomorrow.

On to the Tri Del Sol Race recap!  I was lucky enough to win a free entry!  I told you Gazelle Sports was the best place to work!  I I was on the fence about doing this race, but when I was notified that I was the winner I HAD to do it.  🙂   So as I stated in my last blog post, I was not having high expectations for this race.  Now, there are a lot of people out there that like to give a BUNCH of lame excuses as to why they won’t do well ( my leg hurts, I’m sick or I am tired).  I won’t even try to say I have never done this before, but I choose not to do that anymore ( and have not for a few years now).  I have learned that people tend to give out all sorts of excuses so people will know why they did not perform as well as the they normally would have.  Does that make sense?? It really gets on my nerves. Let me tell you why.  A race or a race time should not define you as a person.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to do well ( which is OK- I mean, who doesn’t want to do well??) that if we don’t perform as well as we hoped then well it’s OK since my leg hurt or I was tired and the fact that I told anyone that would listen.  As if they really care that much.  I highly doubt it.  Even when I was at the top of my game, one of my least favorite questions after I completed an event was ” What was your time”?  I don’t mind you asking me that, but at least make it your 3rd question.   🙂  So let me get off my soap box and continue with this recap.  Well as soon as I recap the race from 2009 ( the first year I did it)

2009- 6th place out of 10.  Time was 2:02:02.       My excuse for not having my best race?  I was not a strong cyclist and it was my very first duathlon.  Oh, and I rode the whole race on a flat tire.  I would’t change this for anything.  It is such a great story!  🙂   I had so much fun!

2010- 1st place out of 4. Time 2:03:58.

How did I get first?  I borrowed a new bike and spent more time on it.  Oh, and a good friend of mine sacrificed having a better time to pace me during the bike portion.  I let him take off on the last run though.  😉  I also got first because nobody from 2009 entered again.  This was also the year after I was diagnosed with acute asthma and vocal cord dysfunction, so this was a huge confidence booster for me.

2011- 5th place out of 8.  Time- 2:15:10.

Why did I come in 5th?  I was out of shape and it was hot and I had trouble breathing.  Or none of those.  There were 4 people better than I was on this day.  End of story.  🙂

And that takes us to this year- 2012.  Finally!  Well, the morning was nice and mild. Not the blazing hot sun I am used to!   Well there goes the excuse of it being hot and humid.  I was tired.  Oh, too bad I am ALWAYS tired so this was just a regular day.  I was sore from teaching and working out all week.  Ooops, story of my life.  Can’t use that excuse either.  5th place out of 6 women.  Time 2:07:37  A few years ago I would have been totally embarrassed to report that I almost got last place in my age group.  It is what it is!  I did really well in the first 2 mile run.  I got 2nd place with sub 8 min. mile splits!  My bike?  Well I averaged 17 mph by myself!  This is kind of huge for me.  I am still not the strongest cyclist,  and this was a hilly course ( rolling hills) and I pushed along ( not excses, just some facts.)  The last 4.5 mile run.  I would like to say that I think I could have gotten close to my best Duathlon time if I tried a little harder.  I met someone during the run.  Bill and I ran the whole 4.5 miles together.  I talked the whole time.  I am usually too out of breath to talk too much, or too into my music ( which I did not use this time)  We were both not feeling it  ( runner’s speak)   I might have felt a bit better than he did and contemplated leaving him, but that’s not very nice. But the other scenario might be me thinking I could push myself and then it not going so well.  I am glad I decided to hang back slightly and get to know him.  We helped each other.  We both admitted that if we had not stuck together we would have walked up the hills.  Instead we ran up them together!  The old me would spend way too much time and energy ( not really, I  don’t like to obsess over stuff that is out of my hands…) but anything longer than 1 hour is too much time in my world.  Have your little pity party and then get over it.  I like to look at the positives in my events these days. Instead of looking at the negatives, just ask yourself how can you do better next time?  What steps can you take to be ready for your next race?  That’s what I try to do.  I’m not perfect and nobody is.  I didn’t gain or lose any friends because I got 5th place ( or did I???). But I did have one my best races in a few years.  I gained some confidence back in my abilities as an athlete.  That is worth much more to me than a 1st place medal.  So there.   🙂

Finisher’s Canteen!

Have a great week everyone.


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