Summer Vacation……

Well, summer vacation for the kid ( not me), usually equates to a blogging break for me. I will still blog, but it will be whenever I feel like it, sporadic to say the least! I’m busy trying to entertain the kids. What’s been happening since the last time?

On the workout front:  I went way back in time and subbed a boot camp class.  It was a lot of fun too!  I say I went way back in time because I used to teach boot camp a lot in my younger years.  Guess what?  I still got it!  😉  It was a small class, but I liked it better that way. 1 Cardio Sculpt class and  3 spin classes in as well. One speed session and a 7 mile “long run” in the books this week.

Let’s talk about the speed work that was done on Tuesday.  Done in 95+ degree weather.  At 6:30 pm,  I thought I was going to turn around  after the warm up and call it a day. I will add that I got in about 45 minutes of the elliptical earlier that morning ( steady state for my HR since I was unable to get out on my bike…  Booo! ) My logic was take it easy in the AM and really push those intervals at night.  Well….  I tried my best.  The plan was to run just short of  a 2 mile warm up before the workout began.  300 meter progressive sprints with a 3 minute recovery.  You were to speed up your pace every 100 meters so the final 100 was to be very fast.  We were to do between 6 to 10. I did 4.5.  I tried.  It was hard.  I was tired.  It was 100,00 degrees (close enough) My 3rd one was my best.  I had to make sure I could actually do it. It was one of those workouts that you had to use your head.  My head said to chill out and not push it anymore.  I listened  I am convinced that even if I had not exercised already I would have still felt crappy during this workout.  It was just too hot to perform at my best.   My 2nd run ( Friday early morning) went a lot better!  I got in 7 miles. 3 on the treadmill and 4 outside.  It was about a 9:30 minute pace on the nose.  My plan for Saturday is to ride my bike!  The duathlon I want to do is in July and I need to practice!

I have an update of my health woes.  My vocal cord dysfunction to be precise.  I had extensive blood work done to see if there was any correlation.  Guess what?!?!  There’s NOT!  Dang.  Back to the drawing board!  My blood work did show that I am slightly anemic ( low iron), but isn’t everybody???  😉   But, that might be why I get light-headed at times when I instruct non spin classes.  So, I am taking a multi vitamin with iron everyday and will be tested again in a month.  I might be jumping the gun, but I have been taking the vitamin like a good girl and during both lf my high intensity classes this week ( boot camp and cardio sculpt) I had no issues at all………    yay!   🙂   I have not had many vocal cord issues  ( knock on wood) and I have been pushing my HR to the max a lot more lately too.  Last weeks hill sprints had me in the 180’s and I didn’t drop dead have any major breathing issues.  I mean, it was frickin hard to breath, but like a normal person..not one with what I got.   😉

The kids asked to work in their workbooks this week ( nerds).  I planned on adding “study time” in starting in July, but I can’t really tell my kids there is no learning going on in June now can I??  I guess I could, but that would be mean.  Kinda.

What we did Tuesday. I might know the whole CD by heart already.    😉

My big brother will be competing in his 3rd body building show on Saturday!

Last years picture…just waiting for an updated one.  Miles asked him why he had big muscles like a super hero.  🙂 

I can’t wait to hear how it goes.  No matter what I am super proud of him.  He is a very dedicated natural athlete that totally lives the lifestyle!  At my other brother’s wedding, he brought all of his food and supplements and did not stray from his eating plan.  I totally “get it”.  When I trained for the figure show many moons ago, Matt and I went to a wedding.

This seems like a LIFETIME ago!   I like my price tags hanging from my suit.  

I had to run to the car every  2 hours to cram down my protein and veggies!  I did have a piece of cake as my splurge for the week though.  🙂  * wow that picture came out HUGE! it was either huge or crumb size……

That’s what I have been up to, how about  you?   🙂



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