Week Recap

Week in Review!

Monday– Memorial Day!  I had to work.  Oh well, that’s life! Good thing I like my job…… I only taught 1 class and Matt came! He attends my spin class about twice a year, so he is half way to his limit!

Tuesday-I biked in the morning!  The weather was AWESOME!  I went a bit over 11 miles.  I wanted 15, but naturally,  I got a late start.  I am working on pushing my HR to a higher zone to be ready for my race at the end of next month.  Ugh.  It’s hard.   I love it.  A few hours later….I ran. Ha!  4 miles total.  2 of those were sub 8 minute miles.  Not gonna lie..that is kind of big for me these days.   Yes, I was totally sucking wind, but who cares?? I did it and I had no vocal cord crap or any major breathing issues either.  It was nice.  I hope it happens again and SOON!

Wednesday- Spin class.  Race day!  I had a full class which rarely happens when they know it’s a race day ( chickens), but it went over well.  I also taught Cardio Sculpt in the morning.  We did cardio between this:

10 push ups

25 squats with stability ball held overhead

20 alternating lunges w/stability ball

60 second wall sit

I think we did the above circuit 4 -5 times total.  

We also did a Metabolic Finisher at the end:

4 minutes NON STOP unless totally necessary:

10 reps of each and repeat until 4 minutes is up- everyone goes at their own pace…….

biceps curl

piston rows


shoulder press


Thursday- Light elliptical intervals and the dreaded Step mill for 10 minutes of not light intervals.  I still have a love/hate relationship with that beast!  Core work for about 15 minutes.  Included in this was an obscene amount of Ball Slams *not as many as Andi, but I still did a lot!  😉

I love you, I mean I LOATHE you!

Friday- I spent some time at the hair salon getting a new do.  * I also have makeup on.  Weird, I know.  My second practice run for my big bros wedding next weekend.

I really did not feel like getting to the gym later in the day.  Anything starting after 12 noon feels late.  My excpetion to the rule is running at 6 or 6:30pm on Tueasday…somehow that usually feels OK.  Usually.…..I am a morning workout kinda gal, my body is trained and used to earlier workouts.  BUT, Matt was really wanting to go to the gym so I went.  He has taken some time off ( ahem- fishing) and is getting back at it. we did 5 rounds of this:

100 jump rope revolutions

3-5 pull ups or chin ups

10 weighted squats

10 push ups

walking lunges to half court 

It was fun!  We also played b-ball with the kids after that. Amara did join in and did some chin  ups, push ups, squats and lunges.  Oh, and a little hanging from the rim. Miles worked on his lay ups.  😉

Saturday- Hodge Podge of stuff…  10 minute elliptical, 2.5 miles of running on treadmill.  10 minutes of core and 35 minutes back on the elliptical!  Came in without and plan and that is what happened!  😉  I am so used to running for over an hour sometimes two, so I felt I had to try to get some time in.  I probably really needed a break!  Technically, I still got one!    I only did about an hour of cardio total. It was a nice change of pace for sure.

It was a pretty full and fun week of exercise for me.  I plan on riding at least twice next week as long as the weather behaves.   I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


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