Word-filled Wednesday

May has always been a busy month in the Grajewski household.

Matt and the kids go to the cabin for 4 nights ( it’s kinda like a vacation for me…but not really)

The 25k and 5k races

Mother’s Day

(Insert Picture Here!)   😉

My Birthday

So I like to spend My “Special Day” getting my butt kicked!  Don’t you??? Andi let me walk around with an “I Ran Today” sticker on my butt.  It’s cool though, cause I did run.

Amara’s birthday- She’s 8.  Crazy.

Plus all the regular organized chaos that goes around here!  It’s great though.  May is always a lot of fun! I can’t believe it’s actually almost over too!

Andi and I ran this past Saturday.  6 big ones!     🙂      It felt like 5 too many if ya ask me!  We also put in 20 miles on the bike.  It’s time to start training for some duathlons now.  They hurt, but I love them!        After the run and right before the bike:

Miles has kindergarten registration in the morning….  I am not sure he is ready ( wait, maybe I’m not ready…..)                    🙂


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